Silverwood Lake Camping: Everything You Need to Know

Silverwood Lake Camping

Life can sometimes get pretty exhausting for you and your family when you live in a big city. That is why you need to create some free time for yourself when you go out on a camping trip and spend some time outdoors with your friends and family.

So what’s the best place to go camping in? Your guess is as right as mine- California! One of the best ways you can have a memorable camping trip in California is through Silverwood Lake Camping. Many campers usually flock California because of two things; the weather and Silverwood Lake.

Located in San Bernardino County in California, Silverwood Lake is a large reservoir that is usually a paradise of year-round recreational activities. Silverwood Lake is just an hour drive away from Los Angeles. It was established in 1971 to provide an opportunity for campers who want to get away from the busy city life.

These campers may want to indulge in fun activities like water sports and viewing the gorgeous mountain sceneries. It occupies about 2400 acres of prized picnic spots. Sounds like an interesting place?

Here is everything you need to know about Silverwood Lake camping so that you can plan your next trip there.

Silverwood Lake CampingHow Can You Get There?Camping in Silverwood LakeWater Activities at Silverwood LakeLand based activities at Silverwood LakeThe Wildlife at Silverwood Lake CampingAre RVs Allowed in the Campsite?Other Things You Can Bring to the CampImportant Facilities and Amenities Offered at the CampsiteAre there Group Campground Available?Picnic AreasImportant Rules and Regulations for Silver Lake CampingSummary

How Can You Get There?

The best way to get to Silver Lake is through the Interstate-15. Once you are on the Interstate, you will have to go North up to San Bernardino, California. You will then turn east of I-15 through the Yellow-brown California chaparral panoramic view.

This road will lead you to the campground. However, it is important that you be careful as you drive on this road since it is only two lanes wide and there will also be winding roads all throughout your travel.

Camping in Silverwood Lake

Silverwood Lake is situated along the Mojave River and the San Bernardino Mountains. The campground is usually open throughout the year. The location of the campground makes it suitable for several exciting activities that include fishing, camping, hiking and boating.

This makes it an excellent family spot where you could take your family out to camp with your RV. You could also bring your boat along so you can boat ride with your family or friends. If you don’t like camping near the waters, you could also camp in the woods since Silverwood Lake is situated in a forested area.

Water Activities at Silverwood Lake

Silverwood Lake boasts of several water activities that will leave every camper feeling refreshed and fun-filled. This is because when you go Silverwood Lake camping, you will notice that the usual highlights of the campsite are the water sports.

You will have a lot of fun-filled water sporting activities to engage in from water skiing, swimming, and windsurfing to driving a jet ski. You will also take pleasure in enjoying the sandy beaches and boat riding.

  • Fishing

Silverwood Lake will offer you with some excellent fishing opportunities. The lake contains several types of fish that include trout, bluegill, catfish, crappie and largemouth bass. The best time for fishing is between February up to June.

  • Boating

On the Lake’s southern end, there are boat ramps and a marina. Water skiing is also allowed on the northern part of the lake. However, since only 125 boats are allowed on the lake per day, you will need to make an early reservation so that you can be allowed to boat ride on the lake.

  • Swimming

Silverwood Lake Camping

Swimming beach at Silverwood Lake CA | Photo: Ian D. Keating/Filckr/Creative Commons License

With the several attractive sandy beaches along the shores of the lake, swimming will be very enjoyable. The management has also designated swimming areas along the southern shores of the lake. There are also lifeguards on duty to ensure that everyone who will be swimming will be safe.

  • Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a great way to discover the water wonders by embracing the deep waters of Silverwood Lake. The lake is a perfect place to go for snorkeling and scuba diving because of its rich biodiversity.

Land based activities at Silverwood Lake

Should you get tired of water-based activities, the fun won’t stop there. Silverwood Lake also has a lot of land-based activities to offer. You could go biking along the wooden trails, you could go hiking, or you could decide to go on bird watching or wildlife watching escapades.

Silverwood Lake Camping

A Hiking trail leading from the camp ground to the lake | Photo: Ian D. Keating/Filckr/Creative Commons License

Did you know that the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada passes through the Lake’s Recreational Area? Silverwood Lake camping site is therefore filled with several accessible trailheads that will be good for hiking. The Recreational Area has also paved paths that are 13 miles long. These paths are suitable for horse riding, cycling and hiking.

You could also spend your time observing the stunning views of Crestline town or the beautiful mountain views. That’s not all, if you have some extra cash to spend, you could head out to Lake Arrowhead Village where you could splurge yourself with shopping and dining.

The Wildlife at Silverwood Lake Camping

The area is also rich in plant life and animal life. If you are therefore keen on tracking down beautiful and local flora and fauna, then Silverwood Lake will be a wonderland for you. Some of the animals that will be good to look at include the California mule deer. To see these animals, however, you will have to wake up early in the morning since they are usually very active in the morning.

At night, there will be plenty of animals that you can see. They include the gray foxes, the mountain lions, the coyotes, black bears and the golden beavers.

Are RVs Allowed in the Campsite?

One of the good things about Silverwood Lake camping is that you are allowed to bring along all the toys that you would wish to bring for your trip. At the 136 campsite in Silverwood Lake, RVs, pickups, vans and trucks are all allowed. You are even allowed to bring your boat to the campsite if you have one. However, you will have to make early reservations.

The campsite also allows tents, pop-up-campers, and trailers. However, what you need to have in mind if you are planning to come in your RV is that there will be no hookups available in the campground.

Other Things You Can Bring to the Camp

silverwood lake camping

Planning for a camping trip with your family can sometimes be hectic especially when you are trying to figure out the things that you can bring along for your trip. To make it easy for you, here is a list of things that you can bring for your trip. Things that are allowed in the campsite include the following:

  • Snacks

If you are planning to bring your family along to Silverwood Lake, then don’t forget the snacks. Having some snack to munch on while you are out bird watching with your family seems like something fun to do.

You could make some freshly cooked meals for yourself and your family while you are at the campsite. If you have a portable stove, then feel free to bring it along.

  • Camping Cooler

You can carry your favorite drinks in a cooler especially if you are going to stay for a weekend. The cooler could also become useful when you go fishing and want to keep your catch fresh.

Important Facilities and Amenities Offered at the Campsite

One of the reasons why all roads usually lead to Silver Lake campsite during holidays is because it is a family oriented campground. Silverwood Lake campsite offers flush toilets, hot and cold showers and other amenities that you could want.

It is, therefore, the best place you could bring your kids to for a family camping trip. The campsites also have restrooms and shower buildings.

The campsite also has several amenities like bait shops, convenience stores, bike and hike campsites and nature trails. At the campsite, you will also be able to enjoy boat rental services, boat launch ramps and access to boat fuel. During busy seasons, campers can also use kayaks, paddle boards, and jet skis rental services.

Are there Group Campground Available?

There are several group campgrounds at Silverwood Lake that you can choose from. They include Messa Campground, Barranca and Valley Group Camps, Miller Canyon Group Camp and Rio Group Tent and Horse Camp.

  • Messa Campground

This is one of the best campgrounds located in Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area. In fact, it is the main camping ground at the Silverwood Lake. At Messa, you will find several campsites scattered along the Lake’s south shore. Tents, trailers and RVs are all allowed in the campground. It has 136 camping sites.

  • Barranca and Valley Group Camps

This campground contains several campsites that can hold between 9 to 100 people each. It is located west of Silverwood Lake.

  • Miller Canyon Group Camp

If you are looking to spend less at Silverwood Lake, then the Miller Canyon Group Camp is the best campsite at Silverwood Lake. It is the most affordable campsite here. It is located along the Eastern tip of Silverwood Lake. It contains three campsites that can accommodate 9 to 40 people per campsite.

Picnic Areas

If all you want for your camping trip is some peace and meditation, then there are some picnic areas that will be fine for you. There are lawns at the campground that have been dedicated to those who want some picnic activities and quiet family time.

You could enjoy your cup of tea peacefully in a quiet place with some grilled cheese.

silverwood lake camping

Seagull diving for lunch – Silverwood Lake | Photo: siamesepuppy/Filckr/Creative Commons License

Important Rules and Regulations for Silver Lake Camping

When camping in any part of the world, there are two standard rules to adhere to. The first rule is to ensure that you clean up after yourself. You should thus make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. The second rule is that you should always put out any fire that you may start.

However, when camping at Silverwood Lake, there are other additional rules and regulations that you will need to observe.

  • You must adhere to the maximum number of vehicles and people allowed per campsite. In the campsites, the fees are usually charged per vehicle. If you, therefore, bring an extra vehicle, you will be charged extra.
  • You should only make ground fires in the fire rings that are provided.
  • From 10 pm to 6 am, it is usually quiet hours.
  • In case you bring a pet to the campsite, you should make sure that your pet is on a leash or a cage. You should never leave your pets unattended to.
  • You should not use electronic equipment that will produce noise that could go beyond the campsite.
  • All boats that you bring to the campsite must be inspected first before you are allowed to use them. This also applies to kayaks and canoes.


Do you want to have a memorable camping? Then you should try Silverwood Lake camping. This is because Silverwood Lake is one of the best places you could have an adventure like camping. At the campsite, you will find several facilities that will provide you and your family with lots of fun activities.

Before you head out to Silverwood Lake, ensure that you make the necessary arrangements. When you get there, ensure that you don’t disrupt nature and others by following the rules and regulations. 

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