How to Make a Campfire Sauce using very easy and simple recipes

How to Make Campfire Sauce

Campfire sauce is one of the main items a regular and careful camper never forgets when going for a camping expedition. Not only should it be a campfire sauce, but it should also be your best campfire sauce, one that you know will bring out a great taste in your not so tasty camping meals.

To make sure that you don’t go hiking on an empty stomach simply because you couldn’t take a spoonful of your food, I will share with you some recipes on how to make a campfire sauce as well as some alternatives you can rely on for great meals throughout your camping expedition.

Definition of Campfire Sauce

Campfire sauce is a thickened liquid which is used as an accompaniment to food. It is one of the best things you need to have with you for the sake of your tummy especially if you are a prolific camper. In this case, it is common with the campers, just as the name suggests.

How to Make Campfire Sauce

To the campers, it is among the must-have items for a camping spree to be termed as successful. On your camping expedition, you can always rely on your camping sauce to be that ingredient that automatically gives your food that flavor you really love and enjoy your meals.

However much you detest the foods you have to bring with you for camping expedition, your sauce can make you always look forward to mealtime. The campfire sauce could offer a dip that would make you eat the food you barely eat on a normal day. This is when you are at liberty to choose what you want to have from your large and loaded refrigerator.

The recipes to use when making a Campfire Sauce

Recipe 1: Red Robin Campfire Sauce

Total preparation time: 5 minutesServes: 1 cup


• Half a cup of Ranch Dressing• Half a cup of Hickory Sweet Bay Ray’s Barbeque Sauce• A tablespoon of Mayonnaise


i. Mix the barbeque sauce and Ranch dressing. Stir them until they mix up completely until a thick paste is formed.ii. Serve and enjoy

Recipe 2: Campfire Sauce


• Mayonnaise – ½ cup• Paprika – half a tablespoon• Lawry’s seasoned salt to taste• Cayenne pepper – 1/8 of a tablespoon• ½ of a cup of barbeque sauce. You are at liberty to get your best, just like I would choose to use sweet baby rays• Garlic powder – 1/8 of a tablespoon


i. Mix all ingredients until you attain a uniformly thick sauce. ii. Serve and enjoy.

An Alternative Ideal Sauce for Camping

You don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to the campfire sauces; I have given other comprehensive recipes too. When it comes to your taste buds, I would rather prefer that you focus more on your personal preference. Here is a sauce you can prepare for the sake of your tummy during your camping spree.

Cheesy Spinach Sauce


• Butter – 1 tablespoon• Cheddar cheese – 1 cup• Mozzarella – 1 cup• Chopped spinach – 1 cup• Parmesan cheese – ¼ of a cup• Salt and pepper to taste


i. Place a cooking pan over low heatii. Add some butter to the pan and let it meltiii. Add the other ingredients to the pan and season to your liking

Essential Tips that will help in Making Campfire Sauce

  • Preparing the sauces before you set out camping is better as it saves you a lot of time and the inconvenience of having to carry all the ingredients if you were to prepare it once you are already out there in the camping site. You will only need to heat your sauce when need be.
  • Plan your menu before you set out to your camping spree. This is important since you will be aware of the ingredients you will need to take with you.
  • Once you acquire the necessary ingredients, pack them in the right amounts and have them labeled. This will ease the cooking process for you since you will not have to measure them as you prepare your meals after a long day of hiking.
  • To ensure that your chosen ingredients are in good condition throughout your camping spree, have them frozen before you place them in the icebox which is convenient for camping.
  • Planning the menus earlier makes it easier for you to decide on the right kitchenware to carry with you to the camping expedition. You will not suffer from the wrath of forgetting some of the very important utensils or having some irrelevant ones.
  • Once you have settled on the menus, decide on the right cooking methods that will be most effective during your camping and still bring out the best in your meals.


I hope that after reading the article, you now know how to make a perfect campfire sauce. Being away from your loaded refrigerator at home does not mean that you should not enjoy great and tasty meals while on a camping spree. Even if you are not spoilt for choice, the little that you have can still make you look forward to meal times.

How to Make Campfire Sauce

You do not necessarily need to have it all rough out there. The perfect campfire sauce is the only key to that. It will offer you the perfect dip in your food by elevating its taste. The procedures to make the different types of campfire sauces may seem very simple, but their simplicity is what brings the delight to your meals.

With the simple procedures, you will find it very easy to make your campfire sauce even if you are a starter or if you are not all a guru when it comes to preparing meals. Leave a comment on the article. If you have a campfire sauce recipe that I have not shared, feel free to share. You also need to scroll and see what others have for you.

Every day is a learning day. Also, if you liked the article, please give it a thumb up and be kind enough to share it with other prolific campers. If you need any assistance concerning how to make a campfire sauce, feel free to make inquiries, and I will give answers as soon as I can.

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