The Best Waterproof Backpack for all your Outdoor Adventures

Best Waterproof Backpack

Investing in top quality camping gear is very important. It makes you save a lot. Why should you wrap your camping materials so awkwardly when there are better ways to do it? Do not let the weather get the best of you when there is the best waterproof backpack readily available for purchase.

Your pack carries most of your valuables such as camera, phone, and tickets among others. A leaking backpack can be quite worrying. It is the last thing you would want to happen to you while camping.

Do you even have the time to air out your soggy pajamas and clothing at a campground? Step into the Mother Nature with all the confidence without having to worry about her ever-changing moods. It is only by doing this that you will focus all your attention on the camping activities without losing focus to other things.

Choosing the best waterproof backpack

There has been an increasing demand for waterproof backpacks over the recent times. This has led to the production of backpacks of various sizes and styles. There are other features that have been included and can confuse you a lot.

So what are the basic things that you need to know before buying the best waterproof backpack? Look no further as you are right in time for this important piece of information.

  • Capacity

Best Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof backpacks are available in different sizes. This is very necessary to ensure that all the needs of every camper are well taken care of. The capacity models are available from as little as 20L which is highly recommended for daypacks to the huge models of 100L.

The amount of stuff that you need to carry to the campground is what will determine which capacity of the backpack to go for. If they are just a few items then a small backpack will be good for you but if you have many items, let’s say you have some people accompanying you, a larger capacity one is very much appropriate.

Currently, there are roll-top waterproof backpacks whose volume can be adjusted by using the closure system. If you do not have much to pack, just roll the bag up to make it more compact. If you are in need of more room, you will simply unroll it to create more space.

  • Price

Do not expect these bags to sell at the same price as your daily travel backpacks. They are pricier due to the many advanced features they possess. Remember they are meant to keep your stuff dry regardless of the weather pattern.

The wide range of these bags in the market has made it easier to get a perfect one for you at an affordable price. This influx in their number has even made pricing much better. You actually do not need to go deep into your pockets, or should I say bank account to get a waterproof backpack that is capable of meeting your demands.

There are lower-priced backpacks that can perform exceptionally well. Unless there is something you are looking at apart from performance, then you have no otherwise but considering such backpacks. Most of these backpacks have their prices range from as little as $30 to over $100.

  • Weight

Best Waterproof Backpack

This is a backpack that is meant for ferrying camping materials to the site. As you carry the bag on your back, remember that its weight will impact directly on your movements. Lightweight backpacks are known for their comfort when carried on the back which is basically what every camper needs.

Again, the lightweight backpacks are easier to carry while not being used and packed. However, note that these bags cannot weigh the same as those made from traditional fabric. The waterproof materials are heavier.

Whenever you are looking for the best waterproof backpack, keep the weight in mind. Do not end up buying something that will deny you the comfort you deserve. The lighter the bag, the more items it can carry and the better for you.

  • Durability and materials used

The materials used to make the waterproof backpacks are very tough and abrasion resistant. Such materials are what prevent your bag from leaking. And such materials work so well towards the realization of this.

The very best of the waterproof backpacks have their seams welded. The seams use electromagnetic energy for creation of a tight and strong bond between the materials. It is through this that the contents of your backpack remain dry at any given time.

Such materials are known to stay strong for a long time. A durable bag will automatically save you from the hustle of looking for a bag every time you want to go camping.

  • Comfort

You will be wearing this bag for the longest hours. It is therefore important that you look for a bag with additional comfort features. You can try it out in advance to check if it fits your back so well.

If you buy a bag that will need constant adjustments every other time to find a position that is comfortable, then you may end up ruining your camping experience. Breathable and padded shoulder back panel and straps, adjustable sternum and waist straps to offer stability while carrying the bag, and a shape that has been designed to fit your body are some of the additional features that will make you feel comfortable.

If you come across a backpack with any of these features meant for comfort, then make them a priority over those without.

  • Style

Best Waterproof Backpack

Is there anybody who does not like to be stylish? In case there is, then you are not among them; that I am sure of. Being stylish does not stop at just how you dress up. Having a stylish waterproof backpack is motivating.

Why should you carry a bag that is completely the opposite of the campground? Look for a bag that stands out. Let the bag be something that can be used to refer to you on a positive note. The backpacks are available in different colors from which you can choose from.

You can either settle on a sleek black or flashy color as you deem fit. You can choose a bag that will not instill some fear in you when you think of carrying it.

  • Construction

The roll-top system of closure is so common in waterproof backpacks. It is a very simple design that is even much easier to use. It is again very reliable in extremely wet environments. Such are some additional features that can be of great help to any camper.

Opening and closing of such bags are very simple. Rolling its top up or down is just enough. After the rolling, what remains is strapping or buckling it up. The several folds made will ensure that no water enters the bag.

Some designs have daisy chains that help secure and clip your gear. Haul handles to ensure that the bag is easy to carry over short distances, exterior pockets and back panels which are breathable can be of great use if they form part of the construction of the bag.

  • Number of pockets and storage compartments

Bags are made to carry things. This is only possible if the pockets and other storage compartments are available. Make sure that the pockets are sufficient enough to carry all your items.

There are those who like to store all their gadgets and gear in one big compartment while others prefer to separate their things. Choose the side where you belong and look for a backpack that will cover your needs comfortably.

The choice is yours to make based on what your needs and preferences are.

Review of the best waterproof backpack

As we mentioned earlier on, these products are currently available in the markets; either online or offline markets in large numbers. If you are not very careful, you can get deceived by the looks and end up buying the wrong product.

Having taken note of that, we decided to simplify your work to avoid the confusion that always accompanies the purchase of the waterproof backpacks. Here are the top 5 products that we believe can be of great help to you.

1. Rockagator RG-25 GEN3 Waterproof Backpack



RG-25 GEN3 is the most recent version of waterproof backpacks from the Rockagator. It is a very tough backpack that you can use in any wet situation and get out with your gear dry. There is totally no chance that you will get any of the camping gears soaked.

The pack is a good combination of function and form. If you are used to the older version of RG-25, then know that the GEN3 is now even better. Some of the features that it possesses but were not in the older version are the laptop storage pouch that is removable, an internal zip pouch and a carabiner loop strip.

It is surely worth it if you decide to put your money on this. This bag can float in water when properly sealed if it finds its way into a larger water body. Yes, you never know what can happen during a tour, but the last things that you want to get affected are your valuables in the bag.

Top Features
  • It has a capacity of 40 liters
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds
  • It is waterproof from quick submersion
  • Has a zipper pouch at the front that is splash-proof
  • There is a laptop storage pouch that can be removed
  • Built-in zipper pouch meant for the storage of small items such as phones and keys
  • Has an internal carabiner loop strip for attaching your gear from inside the bag and to the specific place needed
  • Its strap has a strong capacity of up to 20 kg
  • The seams are welded for purposes of being watertight
  • Has shoulder straps that are padded, lumbar and back
  • Its bungee is elasticized
  • The handle is a top carry type
  • Additional pockets that are elastic for the storage of loose items



  • Easy customization
  • Simple to repair
  • Durable
  • Totally waterproof
  • Spacious enough
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • The zipper pockets on sides do leak at times
  • Too many useless straps

2. Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack


 Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack Review

The Chaos Ready Waterproof backpack has been designed out of the necessity that campers should feel comfortable at whichever time. Having been in this field for a long time, there is a high possibility that this company will get it right with your needs for a backpack.

It is a very less demanding bag. When it comes to matters of making it clean, a wipe will be enough. You do not have all that time to do the cleaning while on a trip which basically makes this backpack outstanding.

To build your confidence in their backpack, there is 100% guarantee of your money back in case there are defects in the product. Its main compartment does not only protect against water but also dirt, sand, dust and other foreign bodies.

Top Features
  • Made from 500 PVC tarpaulin which is heavy duty
  • Its seams have been welded using high frequencies for precision
  • It is 100% waterproof which is ideal for quick submersion
  • Its capacity is 22 liters
  • The bag is air and water tight as a result of the tightly fold system that is tightly sealed
  • Has a lifetime warranty backing it
  • Its shoulder straps are padded for purposes of comfort and good fitting
  • Has 2 side pockets that are made of mesh with the front one being so easy to access
  • Weights 1.4 pounds



  • Very comfortable
  • Doesn’t require much effort to roll and close
  • Spacious in size
  • Easily accessible front pocket
  • Comfortable straps
  • Totally watertight
  • plus-circleDurable
  • plus-circleMade from high-quality materials
  • plus-circleRelatively affordable
  • Does not come in different colors

3. BackSak Waterproof Backpack


BackSak Waterproof Backpack Review

The BackSak waterproof backpack is another good option to consider while looking for the best backpack for your camping activities such as hiking or rafting. Whichever the activity you want to take part in, it is necessary to have your gear dry and safe.

The bag can guard against rain (heavy downpours included), sleet and snow, waves and splashes, dust, sand, mud, and dirt. Its main compartment stays watertight when submerged in water. However, take note that prolonged submersion may lead to damage to your valuables.

For purposes of your safety at night, the bag is reflective and can be noticed from far. This is important when you are walking along the trails at night. Additionally, in case it falls overboard, it is easier to spot and later on retrieve. This is thanks to the reflective trim and patch designed around its pocket.

There are two ways you can use to close this bag; the first one being rolling down the top then clicking the top clip for the creation of an instant handle. Secondly, is the use of side clips together with adjusting for a snug to realize a compressed fit. Whichever of the two ways you may choose, the bag remains to be waterproof.

Top Features
  • Has dimensions of 12 by 6 by 19 inches
  • Its weight is approximately 2.5 pounds
  • Made from 500D PVC
  • Has its seams welded
  • It has a capacity of 35 liters
  • The padded back and sternum clip support ensures it is comfortable to wear since a lot of pressure is relieved from the muscles
  • Has thick and well-cushioned straps that can be adjusted for easy customization
  • Has two protective pockets that are zippered
  • The reflective trim and patch for visibility in the night
  • An outer pocket that is splash-proof is available
  • Handy D-rings on either side for holding water bottles plus other gear



  • Strong Seams
  • Versatile bag
  • Comfortable
  • Roomy
  • Well-cushioned straps
  • Easy to adjust and carry
  • plus-circleNice looking
  • plus-circleDurable
  • Stitching at the bottom of the straps are weak

4. 8848 Unisex Waterproof Backpack


8848 Unisex Waterproof Backpack Review

This bag adopts a popular but unique modern style that most campers like. It is a classic mountaineering design which really stands out. Its volume is much larger, therefore, allowing you to pack as many items as you can.

Apart from using it for the outdoor activities, it can as well be used as a laptop carrier. Such versatility will save you a great deal. Why should you buy two bags when you can buy one to perform the same functions?

What’s more, this bag is easy to carry when engaging in your outdoor activities as it is only 2.38 pounds in weight. The water-resistant nylon and polyester webbing fabric makes it one of the best waterproof backpacks you could ever buy. It also has a suitable capacity of 21 liters which makes it ideal for most outdoor enthusiasts.

Top Features
  • Has a fully fleeced/padded sleeve pocket which is 15 inches in size and therefore ideal for laptops
  • Has zipper pullers made of metal and has the company’s signature
  • The closure system of the straps is based on the magnetic properties
  • Made from a water-resistant nylon webbing and polyester fabric
  • Fully lined using cotton-poly fabric that is coated
  • Weighs 2.38 pounds
  • Its capacity is 21 liters
  • Has dimensions of 46 by 28 by 16 cm



  • Large size
  • Well made
  • Comfortable when worn
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy and durable
  • A bit lower priced
  • plus-circleSecure fasteners
  • plus-circleTightly stitched
  • Doesn’t smell nice when still new
  • minus-circleOnce you open the earphone jack, it is not advisable to use it in a wet condition

5. Sea To Summit Flow Waterproof Backpack


Sea To Summit Flow 35L Drypack Review

The Flow waterproof backpack has been designed to make your heavy loads appear more comfortable during transportation. It is also another great one in this category that you can consider.

It is great for trekking during the day as well as overnight stays. Its built-in hydration compartment is what every camper needs in terms of convenience and functionality. Enjoy your outdoor adventures without being worried about a thing.

It is well ventilated at the shoulder straps will regulate your temperature during the sunny afternoons or during summer camping. This is a bag that has been designed to even check on your health. No more loss of too much water due to sweating.

Top Features
  • It is yellow
  • Has a seam-sealed construction in its entirety
  • Internal fabric pocket with a zippered stretch for the tiny items
  • Has its interior white to improve the visibility of the contents
  • Made from a 420D TPU laminated nylon fabric that is waterproof and abrasion resistant
  • Has a capacity of 35 liters with the outside pocket being 2-liter
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • There are Hypalon loops meant for attaching the side compression straps and the gear
  • Shoulder straps are padded and well ventilated
  • Its design is a roll-top one



  • Comfortable
  • Nice size
  • Removable waist strap
  • Well ventilated
  • Durable
  • lightweight
  • Slipping shoulder straps that do not stay in place


The best waterproof backpack is ideal for any adventurous person. Such a bag is very useful when it comes to protecting your valuables wherever you decide to take part in any outdoor activity because you are never really sure when the weather will change.

The Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack wins the overall prize for the best waterproof backpack. We would, therefore, recommend it to you even a million times. It is properly designed to meet all your needs.

The bag is easy to use and is very much affordable. Your money is 100% guaranteed back in case of any defect which is another great thing. That notwithstanding, the other four remaining products are of great quality, and you can try them out as well.

Have you tried any of these backpacks? Would you mind sharing your experience? Have we helped you come across what you have been in serious need of? Which one is it? Always share your thoughts with us. That is the only way to serve you better.

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