The Best Coolers for your Outdoor Camping Activities

best coolers

Camping in the summer has its ups and downs. One noticeable challenge you are likely to come across this coming summer is how to keep your food safe for the entire period you plan to be at the campsite. Let going through this article mark the last time you have to worry about your food when going camping from now henceforth.

Why should you get to worry while camping by the way? Camping is meant to be free from any kind of stress. That is why we want to introduce you to the best coolers. This is the best way to keep your beverages cool.

It is very necessary to consume safe food during your camping trip. But not all coolers will give the best results. We are not interested in the fake ones; so are you. Fresh food is really enjoyable during outdoor adventures like camping.

The Best Coolers Reviews and Buying GuidesChoosing the best coolersSizePracticalityDurabilityTypes of coolersReview of the 5 best coolers1. ORCA BW058ORCORCA Cooler2. Polar Bear Coolers3. Coleman Xtreme Cooler4. Igloo Contour Cooler5. AO CoolersConclusion

Choosing the best coolers

We want to make your work simpler when looking for these products. What do you plan to store in the cooler? This should be the starting point. You know what you need, so the selection is yours to make.

There are features that you should, however, look out for before you can settle on what you need. These properties are so important that we cannot leave them unmentioned. Leave alone just mentioning; we need to look at them in details.

  • Size

best coolers: size

Just like in any other stuff, coolers come in different sizes. These sizes vary to allow you make a proper decision depending on what you need to store and how much of it you plan to carry along with you. They are collapsible six-pack coolers, 50-quart plastic coolers, and some larger ones.

Apart from the foodstuffs, remember that it is very necessary to have some ice packs or ice cubes with you. This means that there should be enough space in the cooler to accommodate them as well. Take note of the fact that ice cubes occupy more space compared to ice packs.

Before you think of buying a cooler, you should consider the fact that ice will occupy close to a quarter of it. Check if the remaining space can take up the remaining items. If so, then do not even blink an eye; buy it and wait for the camping trip.

  • Practicality

best coolers

This cooler is meant to serve you during the camping period. Its transportation to the campsite, especially after being filled, should never be an issue. A small one which is light in weight is easy to carry making it more practical.

However, the large coolers can store much food for use during long camp days. The only problem associated with this is the weight that is always accompanied by the large coolers. Wheeled coolers can be towed from point to point making them even more convenient.

One-day trips require coolers that are comfortable and lightweight for easy carrying. You will probably have to store packed lunch only as you will be going back home at the end of the day. Collapsible fabric coolers that are fitted with carrying straps are ideal and comfortable.

Once all the stored stuff has been cleared, it is simply folded down and easily stored in a backpack. Most brands have known the struggle that most campers have gone through with the issue of coolers; that’s why most of these brands are currently making backpack cooler bags that are easily carried like backpacks.

If you plan to store beverages only, then it is the best idea to go for the insulated beverage dispenser instead of the ice chest-type cooler. The former has easy pour spouts that dispense its contents with precision without any mess. They have long hours of keeping beverages cool even during the hottest of times.

  • Durability

best coolers

How long do you hope to keep the cooler? Are you a frequent camper? How often you want to use the cooler is what determines its durability. Coolers used to store picnic lunch needs not be that durable.

Coolers that are used on week-long outings several times in a year should be durable. You do not need to buy a new cooler every time you go camping. Value for money is very important. However, note that the more durable a cooler is, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Coolers that are made of tough plastic can withstand any weather conditions and frequent use. They can be prioritized since you cannot tell the kind of weather you are likely to come across. This is because at times you might find yourself in dusty or wet campsites.

The handles are another component of the coolers that should be looked into. It is the handles that are going to be used most often meaning that they should be strong enough. Also, check on the lids to make sure that they fit properly.

If you want to purchase a wheeled cooler, then the wheels should be tough. Of the fabric collapsible coolers, the ones made of durable synthetic materials and whose carrying straps are strong are the best. The stitching should neither fray nor go apart.

Types of coolers

Coolers are available in different types for use during the outdoor trips. The coolers are insulated with either synthetic fabric or hard plastic. The insulating effect is what keeps beverages and food safe for consumption.

The insulating effect together with the ice packs will create the cooling effect inside the cooler. There are also electric coolers that can be used in areas with access to the grid or even a car socket. The electricity-operated coolers do not use ice.

best coolers

Here are the common types of coolers you can consider before making a purchase:

i. Fabric Coolers

It is also known as a collapsible cooler or insulated cooler bag. This type of cooler is designed to carry fewer items. Just as the name suggests, they are made from canvas-type materials. The durable canvas is lined with a layer of insulating foam.

These products are lightweight and are ideal for carrying packed lunch and beverages. They are foldable and therefore easy to store once the contents have been exhausted. They are sturdy and durable but cannot hold cold items for long compared to the plastic coolers. Consider them if your trip is for just a single day.

ii. Plastic Coolers

This type is also known as ice chests. The coolers are made from molded plastic. They are sturdy enough and likely to serve you for a number of days. The good thing about them is the fact that they come in different sizes from which you can choose from. Take into account the amount of food that you need to be stored.

The plastic handles and insulated lids are designed with some toughness at the ends so that if you have to lift when heavily filled, it becomes easier. Some are even fitted with retractable handles and wheels for easier carting in the campground.

There is room for ice packs and cubes. Be sure to check the base to confirm if there is a plug that can be unsealed for emptying of already melted ice.

iii. Electric Coolers

This is just a portable fridge. It can be plugged into the car’s socket. Keep your foods safely stored when you have to drive for long distances using this type of cooler. They are the most costly of the coolers.

There is actually no hassle of filling and refilling ice. You will, therefore, have a lot of space to store your beverages and food. Just plug it into the socket, and you will be okay to go.

iv. Metal Cooler

Metal coolers are known for their durability. If fishing and hunting are going to form part of your camping activities, then you need this kind of cooler. These coolers are strong and durable. The metal casing protects the insulation layers.

Foods and beverages stored in this cooler remain cold for very many hours. They are heavier and expensive.

v. Styrofoam cooler

This is a Styrofoam box that has a lid. These types are light but not strong. They are only meant for storage of lightweight items. They are less expensive due to being less sturdy. They are however not durable therefore not often used for camping.

Review of the 5 best coolers

Let me make your work simpler. Here are some of the products that you should consider buying. Have a look at their features, pros, and cons for purposes of making a proper judgment when buying.



ORCA BW058ORCORCA Cooler review

ORCA BW058ORCORCA cooler is made in the USA. The coolers are roto-molded, have a lifetime guarantee and are lockable. They are specially designed to keep your food cold for days. Enjoy up to 10 days of fresh food when you use this cooler.

This cooler features handles that make it easy to transport from one point to the next. The ice that is meant to provide the cold does not melt so easily. Therefore, there is no need to fill and refill so often. The brand has been well recognized in the USA due to its high-level conservation features. All the features that this cooler has are meant to make it perform better.

Top Features

  • Are roto-molded
  • Padded, extendable and flex-grip carrying handles
  • Lockable
  • Accompanied by lifetime warranty
  • Storage capacity of 40 quarts
  • The lid gasket for perfect sealing of the contents
  • Drainage spout for easy emptying of the contents
  • Integrated insulation
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Has dimensions of 36 by 21 by 20 inches



  • Keeps stored food cool for long durations
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Spacious
  • Beautifully designed with high-quality materials
  • Good performance
  • Expensive
  • Holds ice for just a quarter the time
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2. Polar Bear Coolers


Polar Bear Cooler review

If you have been longing to own an easily customizable cooler, then this is the perfect one. You can customize the Polar Bear Cooler just as stated on their website. The customization is as a result of the embroidery which is in-house in entirety. One thing about these coolers is that you can use them to advertise your products or even gifts.

Get it done quick, easy and free. Just send the logo and a description of how you need it done. There is no better way to love a product than to have it associated with your logo. Join the millions around the world who have had their coolers branded.

It is always important to be unique, and this is surely the best way to enjoy your adventure uniquely. With unbreakable zippers, this cooler will make sure that your food stays as fresh as possible. It is also comfortable to carry because of the padded shoulder rest and can be compressed to its half size when empty.

Top Features

  • Its exterior is made of 1000D nylon which is rugged which never tears, rips or scratches.
  • Its zippers are unbreakable, and the hardware is by YKK
  • Its high-density insulation is in the form of open-cell foam
  • Provides storage of up to 24 hours if frozen ice is correctly packed
  • Its interior liner which is double-coated nylon is strong and safe, and has been approved by FDA
  • Comes with a shoulder rest which is padded. It is however not available in the 6-pack sizes
  • Its warranty is limited to guaranteed sweat proof and leak-proof
  • Compressible to half-size when empty
  • Can be customized with a logo or text embroidery of your choice
  • Weighs 2 pounds



  • Ice stays long without melting
  • Foldable for easy storage when not in use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean up
  • Easy maneuverability in case of arthritic hands
  • Base is not waterproof
  • Food may appear sloshing around the ice water
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3. Coleman Xtreme Cooler


Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler Review

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a good companion when it comes to outdoor activities. It can store beverages and food chilled for five days at 90-degrees of temperature. Its lid secures tightly well to keep the stored stuff in possession.

It can hold up to 98 cans of beverage together with ice. Lifting and maneuvering a cooler has never been this easy. The handles make sure that you get the necessary grip that you need to keep the cooler in position.

It is a large capacity cooler with a no-tilting drainage which is a big plus for a camper like you. Making it clean is another simple task while it only weighs 14.38 pounds which makes carrying it a less complicated task. It is also designed with a 2-inch insulation layer that makes it very effective in keeping your food cold and fresh.

Top Features

  • Can hold 98 cans together with ice
  • Designed with 2-inch insulation layer
  • Has two-way handles
  • Its lid can accommodate 24-inch for additional dry storage on top though the cord is separately bought
  • Weighs 14.38 pounds
  • Measures 18.5 by 15.98 by 31.5 inches
  • Has a capacity of 70 quart
  • Leak-resistant channel for emptying contents without tilting it
  • Its cup holders are molded to form the load



  • The ice lasts long before melting
  • Self-draining
  • Relatively affordable
  • Very spacious
  • Durable
  • Weakly made handles
  • Poor customer care services
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4. Igloo Contour Cooler


Igloo 30 Quart Contour Cooler Review

The 30 quarts cooler from Igloo products is another good consideration you can make for camping activities. It is comfortable to transport to whichever campground you would like to visit. Its setup does not require much effort and time.

It has its handles molded for the needed strength during transportation. This cooler can actually hold up to 41 cans of your favorite drinks plus two-liter bottles uprightly positioned. The cooler comes accompanied by a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. Easy stacking has been made possible by the slotted lid. It makes use of the Cool Riser technology for keeping the stored products cold.

Top Features

  • Has a capacity of 30 quarts
  • Its dimensions are 18.4 by 16.8 by 13.25 inches
  • Its side handles are molded together with the three-point swing-up handle which makes it easy to transport
  • Has a slotted lid that makes stacking easy
  • Has one-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Made of polyurethane



  • Perfect size for camping
  • Well made
  • Easy to transport
  • Takes less storage space
  • Ice melts faster
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5. AO Coolers


AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler Review

This cooler is perfect for picnics, boating, fishing, among other outdoor activities. Apart from making food cold, it can also keep things warm. This type of cooler meets the carry-on requirements of the airplane.

The TPU liner that has been used to make this cooler is the same thing used in the making of waterbeds and pools that are above the ground. This makes the cooler sweat and leak-proof. The cooler is resilient to tear, impact and abrasion.

What’s more, the shoulder straps of this cooler can be adjusted to fit your desired size. It also has some side pockets that can be used for storing dry items. This cooler is very versatile and will meet almost all your needs in the wilderness. It also doesn’t leak at all.

Top Features

  • Has a leak-proof liner
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Black in color and made of canvas
  • Has dimensions of 12 by 7 by 14 inches
  • Its inner insulation is 3/4-inch thick, closed cell-foam and of high density
  • Has side pockets for the storage of dry items



  • No leaks
  • Versatile cooler
  • Large size
  • Lightweight
  • plus-circleWell built
  • Heavy when fully loaded
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Nobody wants to find himself/herself in an ER because of consuming contaminated foods while in the field camping. Coolers are the greatest way to keep food and drinks safe for consumption. Enjoyable meals are a great component of any camping trip.

I would, therefore, like to recommend AO Coolers as the best coolers. They are lightweight and therefore easy to transport. They have very high insulation capacity which is twice as most of the soft-sided coolers.

The additional storage space in the form of side pockets together with the durability of the material used to make them are some of the stand-out features of these coolers.

I hope this article is what you have been missing regarding your planned camping trips. You are just right in time. Any questions or concerns can be dropped in the comment section after which answers will be provided within hours.

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