A Comprehensive Review of the Best Camping Knife

Camping is arguably one of the best ways to spend some time outdoors. It helps you relax your mind after some days, weeks or even months of rigorous work schedules. To, therefore, help rejuvenate yourself; you can consider spending time in the wilderness.

While at the campground, there is a wide range of outdoor activities that you might want to take part in such as fishing and hunting among others that call for the use of proper tools. Leave alone these activities; you will also need to prepare some meals while out in the field for your consumption. This means that the best camping knife is another important accessory that you will really rely on.

Even the simple process of setting up your tent will require some sort of rope cutting. In some cases as well, you can even defend yourself from wild animals when the need arises using the knife. There are some other areas that we’ve not mentioned where you will need a good camping knife to be of great help to you.

An ideal camping knife should be able to perform a majority of these tasks. There are a good number of knives that have been fronted by different manufacturers to be the best when it comes to camping applications.

This has in the recent past left so many campers confused on what really will work for them. Look no further as this article lays bare all the facts you need to know about the best camping knives.

How to choose the best camping knife

The craze about camping knives has led to the production of some flimsy products that have left many unsuspecting buyers to regret spending their money on them. Some of these low-quality knives have been designed in a way that makes them so attractive to the eye; by the time you realize that it wasn’t what you wanted, the damage will have been done.

It is for reason that we are going to look at some of the properties you need to look out for in a camping knife so that you only buy the best product. Equipping yourself with such information before you head to the market will save you from the embarrassment that campers that have gone before you have encountered.

Let’s take a look at these factors now:

a. The material used to make the blade

best camping knife

What kind of steel has been used to make the knife? This should be the number one question that you need to ask before you buy any camping knife. The blades are made from different kinds of steel such as ultra-high carbon steel (cast iron and stainless steel).

The material that has been used to make the knife says a lot on the durability and sturdiness of the knife. Don’t you want a strong knife that you will use for a number of outdoor activities? If so then knives made from ultra-high carbon steel should feature the top in your list.

One other thing that you need to take note of is that a camping knife will only last long if used responsibly and for tasks that are within its scope of use. If you need this, the knife will be able to serve you for years as you go camping. Materials like aluminum aren’t so strong and don’t make good camping knives.

b. Handle Design and Material

best camping knife

The design of the knife’s handle is another important area that you need to pay close attention to. Why do I say so? This is the point that will be making contact with your hands and should, therefore, be designed in such a manner that will ensure that your hands comfortably hold the knife during operation.

If the knife doesn’t hold properly on the hand, then there is a high possibility that it will slip off. This is usually a recipe for cuts and other forms of injuries. The blade handle should be made from a material that will ensure you have a firm grip of the knife as you cut your stuff.

A good camping knife should be fitted with a wide handle that is easy to grip.

On the other hand, the material that is used to make the handle should also feature top of your considerations whenever you are in the market for the best camping knife. The handle material should be rugged so that you hold it firmly with your hands.

The material should be durable and able to serve you for the longest time possible. There are some knives designed with very weak synthetic handles currently flooding the online and offline markets. You need to avoid them as plaque. This, however, shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean that all synthetic handles don’t last.

Personally, I would recommend wooden handles to any camper as such do blend perfectly well with the kind of environment that you are about to visit. Well-designed wooden handles can bring the best out of your camping experience.

The type of handle material to go for simply depends on your taste because if they are properly designed, they will perform more or else the same way. There are also some models that have their handles made hollow to create an additional space where you can store some important supplies.

Such are also great for any camping experience as they help store some of the stuff that would have otherwise consumed some space in your backpack.

c. Non-serrated or serrated blade

best camping knife

Serrations are some of the additional features that some manufacturers do add to camping knives. Some people like them while others don’t; this usually depends on one’s preference. Most of the manufacturers have included serrations to their knives so as to make them easy to use when cutting seat belts, ropes and bones among others.

Some of these tasks can as well be done by the non-serrated knives. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that without the serrated knives then you will get stuck in the middle of the wilderness. Serrated knives have become so common of late as they are seen to be kind of tactical additions to camping knives. Those in the military do like serrated knives more but they do match their lines of duty. If you will be using your knife just for mere survival; woodworking, skinning animals among other simple cutting tasks then I would recommend that you go for non-serrated blades.

Non-serrated blades require very minimal maintenance, unlike the serrated models whose teeth do chip so often. Additionally, it is easier to sharpen the non-serrated knives compared to their serrated counterparts. Something that doesn’t require much maintenance is very ideal for any camping experience.

On the other hand, there are some brands that have combined these two situations into one; meaning that you can buy yourself a single knife with both the serrated and non-serrated ends. Isn’t this very necessary for any camper who still doesn’t know the kind of camping knife that will work best for him/her?

I believe this is a good idea which does eliminate the need to buy two separate knives having these features. All in all, the choice is basically yours to make depending on what is likely to work for you.

d. Folding knife or the full-tang/fixed-blade

best camping knife

Do you like a full-tang or folding knife? Full-tang knives are so ideal when all you need to do with the knife are simple cutting tasks. But for a camping experience, you can be flexible with the type of knife for your usage. The folding knives are easy and safe to keep as the sharp part is well-hidden when folded and hence minimizing on the likelihood of getting a cut from the knife.

What you are likely to buy simply relies on your preference but not anything else because whether the knife is folding or has a full-tang. As long as it is well-designed and built, it will serve its purpose. You can also opt to have both so that you can get to a position where you can perform a variety of tasks with them as the need arises.

However, in case you are only interested in having only one knife with you to a campground, I would confidently recommend that you go for fixed blade full tang knife as such are so ideal for the survival-type of camping activities.

e. Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a camping knife? It is good to be sure of what you are willing to spend on a camping knife. Don’t go for something that is very cheap as it can prove costly to you in the long run.

This does not mean that you should spend so much on a camping knife. Just set a good budget for the knife; such will be the guideline as you look for some high-quality knives for your usage. Financial discipline cuts across everything; even the simplest like camping knives.

f. Quality

Quality is another important aspect that needs to be considered whenever you are about to buy a camping knife. You shouldn’t spend even a penny on a poor-quality knife as such will even put your life at risk. They will break even on the slightest of tasks.

How will you feel when your newly-bought knife can’t even perform the simple task of preparing food? That will be a complete waste of money. I would recommend that you go for quality at the expense of flashiness or anything close to that.

g. Blade length and style

best camping knife

The blade length to go for depends on the palm size of the person going to use it. How big is your palm by the way? You shouldn’t buy a knife that is too small for your palms as such will make your operations uncomfortable.

But generally, a good camping knife should have a blade that is about 3 to 4 inches long. Anything above 4 inches is impressive as well; only that such long knives aren’t necessarily important for camping.

In as much as the blade length is important as well, it is worthy to prioritize the material and construction of the blade to anything else.

On the blade style, there are different types of styles that you can find. Some of these are:

  • Trailing point
  • Drop point
  • Clip point
  • Needle-point
  • Spear-point

The blade style isn’t usually important for a camper unless you plan to do some hunting and skinning. As long as you can securely hold the knife in your hands and it can perform the tasks beforehand, there is no need to take the blade style so seriously.

A review of the best camping knives

Here are the best of the best products rocking the markets. When in need of the Best Camping Knife, you can always have these five products on your purchase list.

1. Morakniv 4.1 Inch Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife


Best Camping Knife

Are you looking for the Best Camping Knife ever? Look no further as the Morakniv manufactures have it all regarding what you have been dreaming of. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor knife is the best product you should always consider when in need of powerful knife for your trips. 

This product is incredible super for you due to its versatile nature. It is also easier when handling and comfortable when holding because of its patterned great friction grip. This is the type of knife that maintains its edge sharpness to give a maximum cutting performance.

If you are looking for a more durable item then you are in the right place. Morakniv knife being made of stainless steel is a great indication of its ability to withstand oxidation and corrosion as experienced with the carbon steels. This will ensure that you avoid unnecessary spending due to the long lifespan it has.

Top features

  • asteriskMilitary green in color
  • asteriskLimited lifetime warranty by the manufactures
  • asteriskColor matching and hard plastic sheath
  • asteriskPatterned high friction handle
  • asteriskHard Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel
  • asteriskWeighs 4.2 ounces
  • asteriskHas dimensions of 9.2 by 1.8 by 1.4 inches
  • asteriskMade in Sweden tag



  • plus-circleLess expensive
  • plus-circleExcellent feel on the hands during grip
  • plus-circleHigh-quality product
  • plus-circleDurable
  • plus-circleVery sharp kind of knife
  • plus-circleSturdily constructed
  • plus-circleEasy and comfortable to use
  • plus-circleHighly recommended for outdoor activities
  • minus-circleA bit hard to hold the edge well

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife


best camping knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife is just another great and quality product you can have on your list for the camping necessities. This kind of knife has every good thing you have been looking for in the best item. The extra safety you would wish to have during your adventures is granted from the lock-back feature and rubber that it has.

Its ergonomically textured handle gives a firm grip that will end up providing the high comfort you so desire. With this kind of knife, you can survive best on all weather conditions hence burying down your mere worries. The knife has got a compact nature for easy transportation and storage.

The half serrated carbon stainless blade is super for rope cutting and edge retention. Its lightweight design ensures that there is no additional weight or bulk when in the backpack or pocket. It has been made of nylon sheath that provides the highest durability during storage.

Top features 

  • asteriskDual-sided thumb stud
  • asteriskGrey in color
  • asteriskHas dimensions of 13 by 5.5 by 2 inches
  • asteriskWeighs 5.3 ounces hence lightweight
  • asteriskHave 3.6 inches drop point blade
  • asteriskErgonomic rubber-made handle for comfortable grip
  • asteriskClosed length is 4.9 inches and overall length is 8.5 inches



  • plus-circleHighly affordable
  • plus-circleHas a nice solid feel
  • plus-circleVery sturdily built
  • plus-circleSuperabsorber of impact and good sticker on the hand
  • plus-circleHigh-quality stuff
  • plus-circleAwesome knife
  • plus-circleGood customer care response
  • plus-circleDurable enough
  • minus-circleThe sheath comes minus the clip

3. Master Cutlery MTech USA Ballistic MT – A705 Series Spring Folding Knife


best camping knife

Here is another awesome product for you from the Master Cutlery Manufactures. It is indeed a stylishly made knife to suit all your desires when camping. The spring assisted folding gives an easy deployment by merely one hand.

Make your outdoor activities memorable moments by getting yourself this superb knife for all your cutting needs. The up to date design that it has makes the blade to automatically lock into place upon opening by simply using the liner lock. This is an added plus as it will ensure you stay safe from careless cuts and injuries.

It is also wise enough for you to know that upon purchasing this product, the silver stainless pocket clip should be present for safe and easy transportation. This knife has got an aluminum handle that has a bottle opener. With this kind of product, your cutting experience is taken to another great level you so wish.

If you are the type who likes classic and long-lasting items then this can be the best pick for you. The M-Tech USA has various knives categories you can choose from and land on the most preferable product. These include; fixed blade knives, tactical folding knives and archery products.

Top features 

  • asteriskBlack handle
  • asteriskIt is black and blue in color 
  • asteriskBlue blade limited edition
  • asteriskHas dimension of 1 by 9 by 6 inches
  • asteriskHas a pocket design
  • asteriskStainless steel blade that is half serrated
  • asteriskHas a length of 4.5 inches when closed
  • asteriskHas cord cutter and glass breaker



  • plus-circlePocket knives of great quality
  • plus-circleWell- constructed knife
  • plus-circleDurable
  • plus-circleThe overall size and weight is really nice
  • plus-circleVery sharp knife
  • plus-circleAffordable
  • plus-circleGood delivery time
  • plus-circleSuper spring assist performance
  • plus-circleSmooth finishing
  • minus-circleLocking might be a bit engaging

4. TAC Force TF – 705 Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife


best camping knife

TAC Force Assisted Opening Folding Knife is another Best Camping Knife you can always consider whenever in the market (whether online or offline). Its mindful design enables an easy and a one-hand deployment, hence a less stressful item for you. 

This knife is in a position of locking securely into place on opening by the use of liner lock. It comes with the pocket clip that helps in safe and easy carrying from one place to the other. This kind of a camping knife is of great quality and will serve you to the end of your outdoor adventures.

Its half serrated design gives it the versatility and hence it can cut branches as well as ropes. The aluminum handle has been sturdily constructed to ensure it lasts longer than you expected. The handle features a glass breaker and bottle opener on the end which can be more important in case of emergencies inside your motorhome.

You should also be aware that the TAC Force Spring Assist folding Knives offers the rapid desires for deployment by first responders, rescue and EMTs. These knives are available in various styles ranging from collectibles, fantasy, hunting to tactical.

Top features 

  • asteriskHalf serrated black blade
  • asteriskHas dimensions of 1 by 6 by 9 inches
  • asteriskHas a pocket clip
  • asteriskGrey in color
  • asteriskWeighs 2.2 pounds 
  • asteriskOne pack size
  • asteriskAluminum handle



  • plus-circleVery affordable
  • plus-circleLong lasting product
  • plus-circleSolidly built hence nice feel
  • plus-circleGreatly recommended
  • plus-circleVery easy to operate
  • plus-circleExtra sharp charm
  • plus-circleQuality knife type
  • plus-circleExcellent pretty knife
  • plus-circleWeight is incredibly nice
  • minus-circleThe can opener is somehow hard to use especially when you are a first-timer

5. SE KHK6320 Fire Starter Outdoor Tanto Knife


best camping knife

Here comes a great and quality product from the SE Manufactures you can always have when in need of Best Camping Knife. SE KHK6320 Fire Starter Outdoor Tanto Knife is a full tang steel blade that is stainless. It has been originally made with the up to date know how and hence perfectly suits your camping needs.

You don’t have to worry about the lifespan of this knife; it is a highly durable product that will ensure you save any bit of your coin. When it comes to the versatility, it is the type that has a wide range of use. It can be used for survival training, hiking, emergencies, evacuation kits, camping and the day to day use.

If you are going on a hunting trip then this knife will be perfect for you. Why? Because it has flint that will ensure it gives you the full performance you would wish to have. The knife also comes with a magnesium alloy fire starter and striker. Make your selection wise by purchasing the product that will give you maximum cooperation.

The handle of this knife has been wrapped by a nylon rope to give a superior grip irrespective of the weather condition. Its super make is geared towards rugged survival jobs as well as outdoor adventures. It also has belted sheath reinforcement with pocket for a firestarter.

Top features 

  • asteriskHas a nylon sheath
  • asteriskWeighs 6.1 ounces
  • asteriskFull tang stainless steel blade
  • asteriskThe overall length of 7.5 inches
  • asteriskSmall size
  • asteriskFirestarter of magnesium alloy
  • asteriskHas dimension of 7 by 0.2 by 0.5 inches
  • asteriskStandard packaging style
  • asteriskMilitary green in color
  • asteriskSE logo on packaging and on the blade



  • plus-circleVery sharp
  • plus-circleInexpensive
  • plus-circleHighly versatile
  • plus-circleReady to go product
  • plus-circleCompact and small enough hence saves space
  • plus-circleEasy to sharpen
  • plus-circleGood customer care services
  • plus-circleGreatly recommended
  • plus-circleQuality product
  • minus-circleThe fire starter is somehow not durable enough


Camping knives are some of the little things that we ignore but are really necessary for any camping expedition. Common camping jobs such as skinning animals, scaling fish, cutting ropes and creating tinder among others require the use of the best camping knife so as to get the jobs done right and in good time.

So many people have in the past underrated the need to do proper research that could lead to the right tool for their use. They have ended up making mistakes of their lifetimes. You can imagine the kind of disappointments they have experienced in campgrounds. You shouldn’t go this route and that’s why this article is so important for you.

Of all the reviewed products, none beats Morakniv Companion Fixed-Blade Knife when it comes to using it at a campground. This product is versatile and offers a firm grip making the knife easy to use. Its length of about 4.1 inches is so ideal for any outdoor activity. Additionally, it is made of the durable stainless steel and is very affordable. It is something worth spending on.

This doesn’t mean that the other four products are of low-quality. They are among the very best you can currently find in the market. You can consider them as well if you get impressed by some of their features.

What has been your experience with camping knives? Have you noted something new that you didn’t consider before in this article? Well, here is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us.

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