The Best Camping Cot for all your Outdoor Camping Needs

Best camping cot

Your love for camping activities cannot be matched. You are that one camper who never wants to miss a moment of all that is happening in the campsite. This is regardless of whether the activity is hiking, fishing or boat riding among others. After burning all your energy in such activities, all you need is a comfortable night’s rest.

But remember that you cannot carry your bed to the campground to sleep on. This is where the best camping cot becomes of so much importance. Say goodbye to having terrible moments sleeping on the ground by acquiring one of these easy to set up products.

They are not what you will need for backpacking but are so ideal for car camping. You will no longer need to live in fear while camping. Why should you worry about your comfort at an adventurous outing that should be fun? That should not be the case anymore.

Best Camping Cot Buying Guides and ReviewsFeatures you need to consider when looking for the best camping cotReview of the best camping cot1. Teton Sports Camping Cot2. Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot3. REDCAMP Camping Cot4. Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot5. Mountain Trails Base Camping CotConclusion

Features you need to consider when looking for the best camping cot

You cannot just pick any other cot you come across without considering some factors. Otherwise, you might find yourself ending up with a very nice product that unfortunately does not meet your needs.

So what are these properties you need to pay close attention to? We are going to look at them in details in this section.

a. Weight

When we talk about weight, two things that you should consider before shopping for a cot are your weight and the weight of the cot itself. On your weight, you should consider buying a camping cot that can withstand your weight. Do you know your weight?

The amount of weight that each cot can comfortably hold is always indicated on each one of them. It is highly advisable to choose a cot that can withstand weights that are higher than your own. Anything below your weight will definitely breakdown during the first day of use.

Waking up on the hard and cold ground while out camping cannot be any fun. What a waste of money that will be? Second on weight is the weight of the camping cot plus its setup materials. Some cots are made of light materials to help reduce their carrying load. Camping should be burden free.

This a great way to minimize transportation costs as well as making storage much easier. This is basically what every camper hopes for.

b. Size

Best camping cot

Poorly designed camping cots can make you experience one of those most terrible sleep sessions you have ever had. A cot that matches your body size and stature is what you need at a campground. Why should you purchase something that is much shorter than your height?

Ensure that the cot extends so well to accommodate your length. At the same time, there should be enough room for your entire body. It is really bothersome to sleep with your legs tucked for a whole night. And you want to camp for a whole week? It will be like an injury you are inflicting in yourself.

Check on the dimensions of the cot especially the width and length. Check if some space is left to spare for purposes of comfort. This can be of great help even if you have to accommodate an extra person on the cot.

The height of the cot is of much importance as well. A higher one leaves more storage space for your camping gear below it. This is very much important especially if you have a small tent with you at the campground. However, some cots come with side tables and pockets for extra storage.

Regarding the width, make sure it is wide enough so that your shoulders do not get laid on the frame. Those steel frames are really cold at night. I do not like to get any closer to these frames in the night; I hope you do as well.

c. Price

We all want to get the best products but at affordable prices. Saving is the nature of mankind since time immemorial. But you need to be somehow extra careful with the cheaper models as some of them are fragile and flimsy.

It is absolutely unnecessary to spend the least amount of money on a product that will end up to be too narrow and short making you uncomfortable the entire night. If you meet a cheaper cot that meets your needs, then why not spend on it?

Remember to prioritize on quality and not the price. This should not mean that you have to spend a thousand dollars on a single product. That is quite unreasonable as well. Camping cots have varying prices; from as low as below $50 to over $100.

Before making any purchase, make sure that the cot meets all your needs even if it means spending a little extra.

d. Fabric

The material from which the top of the cot has been made from is another important consideration you need to make. The fabric is always rated in terms of Denier which is mostly denoted as “D.” Better strength and quality of the fabric is realized by higher values of “Denier.”

The least amount of “Denier” you should look for is 600D. However, not all manufacturers quote the “Denier” rating of the material used. You can use the weight rating as a way of gauging how strong the material is.

Cots made of “ripstop” fabric are always the best as they resist any form of a tear. These materials last longer compared to the ordinary fabric.

e. Weather

Best camping cot

Have you done your research on the kind of weather you are likely to encounter while camping? Most cots are always designed with very thin fabric only meant for sleeping. This leaves some room that allows for convective cooling.

The cold air that finds itself under the camping cot tends to often suck away some heat from the body. When you have to camp in a cold environment, then consider buying insulated cots. Additionally, make sure you have a sleeping pad and bag with you in the cold weather.

This is regardless of whether you have a camping cot. If you fail to consider any of these, then your camping in the winter will be the worst ever.

f. Accessories

Modern camping cots are fitted with some extra accessories that can really make a big difference. Not all cots have these features. Considering the ones with these features is important. Some of these accessories are: side tables, mosquito nets, storage pockets and compartments

g. Frame

A quality frame can comfortably hold your weight without breaking or collapsing. There is no replacement for the frame; if it breaks up, there is a zero chance of finding a replacement. The frame is not like the fabric that can be repaired or replaced.

And have you thought of the injury you are likely to experience if you fall with the cot? It is something you should not even imagine of. It is important that you keenly check on the thickness of the metals used to make the frames and its joints.

Cheap camping cots are likely to cost you a lot even in terms of health. They are made of metals with thin gauges together with cheap joints that cannot even flex. Frames that can fold and unfold easily are easy to set up. No tools are required which is very important when it comes to camping.

h. Packed size

How small does your cot pack down? Cots that fold down to smaller sizes are more efficient when it comes to storage and transportation. A lot of space will have been saved. Check on this feature before you make any purchase.

Because you are likely to carry it in your car, ensure that you take the measurements of the car’s back or truck to ensure that it fits well after folding up. Make sure that the storage space in the house is also sufficient enough for your product.

Review of the best camping cot

Our aim is to help you narrow down on what you need. Here are some of the 5 best products that you can consider buying as part of your camping necessities.

1. Teton Sports Camping Cot


Best camping cot: Teton Sports Camping Cot review

A nice night sleep is a very necessary requirement while on a camping expedition. Teton Sports Camping Cot is an ideal option you can consider for such purposes. Its design, quality and size are just phenomenal.

It is actually the XXL size which is even larger than the size of a twin mattress. At the mention of the size, many people become worried especially when it comes to setting up such a huge cot. However, that is not the case as just one person is enough to set it up easily and quickly.

A camp pad is also part of its purchase. This makes it form part of a very luxurious experience. The whole set up has extra bed space for your guests. Storage and transportation of the camping cots have been a challenge for some time in the past. This cot, however, comes with its own storage bag which is very strong.

Top Features
  • Supports weights of up to 272 kg (600 pounds)
  • Has a sleeping area of 85 by 40 by 19 inches
  • It can fold up to a size of 42 by 12 by 7 inches which is very compact for easy storage and transportation
  • It has a patented steel S-leg design to withstand the high weight that it is designed to carry
  • The pack weighs 26 pounds
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty
  • It comes with a pad that can be used as an additional bed space



  • Roomy
  • Comfortable
  • Quick response from the customer care team
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Folds down to a compact and easy to store and transport size
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick delivery
  • Occupies large space
  • Quite bulky and heavy
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2. Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot


Best camping cot: Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot Review

Another product that you can consider when it comes to camping cots is the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot. It is very easy and simple to unfold and set up to perform the functions it is meant to do. At the same time, it can be folded down to a compact size that can be easily stored or transported.

It comes with additional storage space in the side pockets. You can use this to store some of your personal stuff while on the campground. It is normally bought together with a carry bag to ensure that you have the easiest time while transporting it from a place to the next.

Enjoy a comfortable sleep on this roomy cot. There is even an extra space that can be of great help to an unexpected visitor. It can even accommodate that reckless sleeper you know without much struggle.

Top Features
  • It has two pouches on either side of it for storage. These attached pouches do not take any extra room whether in use or not
  • Its frame is powder-coated
  • Has a fabric base
  • Its head section is padded
  • Fitted with side pockets for additional storage
  • Can withstand weights of up to 350 pounds
  • Has a size of 84 by 33 inches but can be folded down to 43 by 10 by 9 inches for easy storage
  • Weighs 15 pounds



  • Great size
  • Comfortable
  • Nice storage in the side pockets
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Breathable cloth on the cover
  • Easy to put up
  • Lack of a lock mechanism when the legs are extended
  • Cheap and weak zippers
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3. REDCAMP Camping Cot


Best camping cot: REDCAMP Camping Cot Review

REDCAMP Camping Cot is another great option that will transform your entire camping experience. It is steady, comfortable, collapsible and very much easy to carry. The free storage bag that accompanies it makes it much easier to carry.

Apart from using it at a campsite, you can use it at home as a bed for your guests. It is actually made of materials that are used to make most of the military garments. It is easy and quick to fold and set up.

REDCAMP is a brand that has been on the market long enough so you can actually trust their products because they are made for your tour and dream. All your needs have been looked into, and a quality product has been realized with you in mind.

Top Features
  • Made of 600D polyester Oxford material that is breathable and sturdy
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • The frames are made of 16/13mm steel tubes
  • Has a G-STA lock mechanism
  • Support is provided by 10 legs with triangle shapes
  • Withstands weights of up to 250 pounds
  • Its setup dimensions are 75 by 28 by 18 inches
  • Folds down to a size of 41 by 9 by 6.7 inches which is easy to carry
  • The product has a one-year limited warranty



  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy transportation and storage
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Makes loud noise whenever you move
  • Not properly sized
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4. Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot


Best camping cot: Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot Review

Enjoy all the pleasures of a home while at a campsite with the Coleman 2000020273 Camping Cot. Just like the other products that have been mentioned above, this other one is easy to set up with its own built-in stands.

This cot folds down to a compact size that is easy to store and transport. One unique thing with this cot is the removable side table that it comes with. This table can hold cups, glasses, books, lantern among other things.

Its storage bag is included with the purchase. Interestingly, there is no much additional cost due to the extra feature. If you are planning to have a cot that is under $50 then this is one of those perfect ones you should consider.

Top Features
  • Removable side table
  • Supports weights of up to 300 pounds
  • Has an overall size of 80 by 44 by 17 inches with a sleeping area of 80 by 32 inches
  • Backed by a limited warranty of one year
  • Its extra-long and wide design makes it fit in heights of 6 feet and 6 inches
  • Made of tough polyester and heavy-duty frames made from steel



  • Very sturdy
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • No bars beneath the sleeping area
  • Durable
  • A bit heavier and not ideal for backpacking
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5. Mountain Trails Base Camping Cot


Best camping cot: Mountain Trails Base Camping Cot Review

Another great option for the best camping cot comes from the Mountain Trails. This Base Cot folds up into a portable package; something that you cannot imagine of a product whose frame is made of stainless steel.

Its lightweight is a great plus. It is very compact and can be used at home as a bed for emergencies especially when you have unexpected visitors. This is a very good thing if you are not a frequent camper.

Transporting and storing this cot has been made easier by the inclusion of a carry bag. It is a very comfortable place to get a night’s rest for you especially after having a long day full of camping activities. I can bet on you not shedding any sweat while assembling it. You can easily and quickly do it without any support.

Top Features
  • Withstands a weight capacity of 225 pounds
  • Its frame is made of rugged and powder-coated steel
  • Its top is made of a polyester material
  • Weighs 9 pounds and 13 ounces
  • Has dimensions of 74.8 by 30.3 by 6.7 inches when set up
  • Folds down to a size of 32.5 by 6.8 by 3 inches



  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Stable
  • Lightweight and compactable
  • Not high
  • Comfortable
  • Saves on space
  • A bit heavier for backpacking
  • minus-circleThin fabric that causes warp
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The best camping cot is the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot. It is an oversize cot that will allow you enjoy the comfort you deserve while camping. Its collapsible design makes it easy to store and transport.

The top material is a piece of fabric material which is well known for durability. It has a frame that cannot be left unmentioned. It’s made of heavy-duty steel which has been powder-coated to enable it to withstand weights of up to 350 pounds. All these together with its affordability make this cot to stand out as the best among the 5 reviewed products.

I hope that this article will bring out the best out of your camping experience. And remember to share your experience with us so that we can know how it was. It will go a long way in helping other campers as well. Have you ever used any of the cots that we reviewed above while camping? If yes, how can you describe the experience? Which camping cot are you thinking of buying next time for your outdoor activities?

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