The Best Bivy Sack for your Camping Needs in 2019

Best bivy sack

Have you ever gone camping overnight and found it hard to find a perfect place to rest? I once experienced the same problem. The best bivy sack is a great alternative to camping tents. These sacks are smaller than tents and are worth considering for an overnight trip.

It is what you need in an adverse weather condition where you need to set up your shelter very fast. This is what makes it a good alternative to a tent. Bivy sacks have really helped most people during their overnight adventures.

You can set up your bivy sack anytime and anywhere instead of scrambling for accommodation in facilities that at times get so crowded. What’s more, they are lighter and small in size when packed down making them every camper’s best friend.

They are not however that comfortable and aren’t recommended for use during long trips. You are going to learn more about these products as we move along.

The Best Bivy Sack for your CampingFeatures to look for in the best bivy sacka. Spaceb. Material of the Bivy Sackc. Weightd. Waterproof and condensatione. Outing durationf. CostWhy you need bivy sacks for your camping activitiesReview of the best bivy sack1. Survive Outdoors Longer (S.O.L) Bivy Sack2. Abco Tech Bivy Sack3. SE EB122OR Bivy Sack4. TACT Bivy Sack5. Military Outdoor Clothing (M.O.C) Bivy SackConclusion

Features to look for in the best bivy sack

Just like it is always the case with many goods, bivy sacks are available either in their best form or fake ones. Nobody would like to spend their hard-earned money on fake products. That is why we are here to assist you in getting the best product at an affordable price.

In this particular section, we shall be looking at some of the features you can use as guidelines in your selection of the best product.

a. Space

Best bivy sack

Most bivy sacks are designed to accommodate just one person. However, there are others that can provide homage to even two campers. But in most cases, this is associated with claustrophobic effect due to the small shelter.

To eliminate this, the sack can be suspended above the head region through the use of either pole system or flexible wire system. The pole system is the most reliable but involves additional work during set up. You have to insert the pole in the sleeve and ensure it is well secured.

Flexible wire design is always used on bivy sacks whose heads are relatively low in height. The wire in the head region automatically stretches when unpacked making it possible to suspend the sack above the head region. All these are geared towards ensuring your comfort during use.

Choose a size that you can comfortably fit in and still leaves some space for your little belongings like boots.

Secondly is the space that the bivy sack is likely to take in the backpack. Bivy sacks without poles do take the least amount of space when packed. Remember the sack is not the only thing you will be carrying to the campground, so it should take relatively less space to allow for the accommodation of the other items.

b. Material of the Bivy Sack

The best bivy sack should be made from breathable and waterproof materials such as Pertex, eVent, and Gore-Tex. These materials have their properties such as weather resistance; durability and breathability differ from one to the next.

The sacks are always designed with different layers. The 3-layer fabrics always consist of an inner fabric, face fabric, and membrane which make them more durable with improved rain resistance and breathability. However much these sacks are often expensive, they are superb in terms of performance.

There are others that are made of 2.5-layer fabric; meaning that there is a face fabric, membrane/coating and some non-fabric inner layer. Apart from being decent in terms of breathability and water resistance, they are lightweight.

But due to them being less breathable compared to the 3-layer fabric types, they might have occasional condensation buildup. Some are even fitted with additional ventilation panels/holes to minimize on condensation issues.

Best bivy sack

Last but not least are the 2-layer fabrics which consist only of membrane/coating and face fabric which make them heavier as a result of individual layers which are thicker. They are the least rated in terms of weather resistance and breathability performance among the three designs mentioned.

They are majorly used as emergency shelters and are often equipped with ventilation holes to help in the minimization of condensation that often arises due to the poor breathability of the material used.

Any fabric that has been used in the manufacture of bivy sacks should undergo durable water repellant (DWR) treatment regardless of how many layers of fabric they have been made of. With that, water is repelled instead of being absorbed.

The floor of the bivy sack should be made of nylon which has been coated with polyurethane for better water resistance and durability.

c. Weight

best bivy sack weight

Weight is a very important feature to look at in any outdoor gear. If the bivy sack is lightweight, you will be able to reach your goals easier and faster. Shelters are always the heaviest components of any backpacking gear. Therefore, a lightweight one can really make a huge difference in the amount of weight you have to carry.

d. Waterproof and condensation

Bivy sacks are known for warmth and snugness. However, these two often come at a cost. The problem that is often associated with these two desirable characteristics of the sacks is condensation.

Advanced manufacturers do try to improve the water resistance and breathability ratio to help eliminate this problem. The same is always experienced with raincoats plus any other waterproof gear. It is for this reason that bivy bags are not recommended for use in areas that experience heavy rainfall.

The better the condensation resistance of a bivy sack; the higher the breathability of the material used to make it. Such allows warm air and moisture to escape to the environment. This eliminates the totally waterproof aspect of the bivy sack.

This is the only area that I can say tents outshine bivy sacks. It is therefore important to consider the weather pattern of the area you are likely to visit in advance to help predict how it will be like when you visit.

e. Outing duration

Best bivy sack

This is another important thing to look into when it comes to bivy sacks. How do you intend to use the sack? Is it for a long-distance hike, just for camping, overnight hikes or mountaineering excursions?

Bivy sacks are however most suited for short overnight outdoor activities. This is because of their lightweight, easy setup and smaller size. They can also be used in any season.

Being that they are very small requires you to spend the least possible number of days on the trip as they are uncomfortable if used for longer durations. What do you think of a sleeping space that limits your ability to move around?

f. Cost

As you may well know by now, it is your money that will speak at the end of it all. The prices of these sacks vary from one design to another depending on the various features like comfort and size among others.

You can get an ideal bivy sack even from as low as less than $20. But again the choice is yours depending on how heavy your pocket is loaded.

Why you need bivy sacks for your camping activities

Perhaps you are asking yourself why you need any of these products and you know very well that they normally look so odd. They are however more beneficial compared to traditional sleeping bags and tents.

It is important to explore the advantages of using these sacks so that you can make an informed opinion on whether it is what you need for the trip. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Require less space – with a bivy sack what you need is a flat ground of just a small piece of land. There is no securing involved when setting up a bivy sack as is normally the case with tents. You will not even be worried about being blown away by the strongest of winds.
  • Require a little effort – you won’t require a lot of energy to use this product. Simply pull it out of its package and enjoy the comfort that it brings about.
  • Lightweight– any camping gear should always be lightweight. Bivy sacks excel here. The fact that they are lightweight qualifies them to be easy to be transported from one campsite to the next. It is what you need if you will be spending much of your time hiking with a backpack on your back.
  • Waterproof – why should you wake up wet after a slight shower of rains at night while camping? This is not possible when you have a bivy camp with you. Since they are waterproof, water will be prevented from finding its way into your sleeping area, therefore, allowing you to have a comfortable night sleep.
  • Review of the best bivy sack

    Are you in a hurry to get yourself a bivy sack? Well, you can head directly into this section and get yourself some of the best products that I have sieved through to make your work simpler. They are of desirable features, and without any doubt, they will make you get the best out of you camping activity.

    All these 5 products have been tried, tested and the feedback and customer reviews have been overwhelming. Here is a detailed look at their features, pros and cons so that by the time you are buying one, you will have already known what you have in store.

    1. Survive Outdoors Longer (S.O.L) Bivy Sack


    best bivy sack

    The S.O.L bivy sack was long used by mountaineers as an emergency shelter but has since been liked by other outdoor adventurers for activities like overnight kayaking, ultra-light backpacking, and hunting among others. The sack has a wide range of applications; from being a source of protection to being your sleeping bag and being a survival gear in cold weather.

    This sack is unique in a way being that its inner layer is made of a material that can reflect up to 90% of the heat from your body. This, therefore, allows it to add some additional warmth whether used as an emergency bag or a sleeping bag in very cold areas. Weighing only 2.72 oz, this sleeping bag is lightweight and won’t be any burden as you hike with it as part of your backpack.

    It is also affordable besides the compactness of its size. The material used in manufacturing this bivy sack is 100% waterproof, but it is capable of changing its breathability depending on humidity. In this case, condensation is hindered from building up.

    This bivy sack can be set up anywhere since it only requires a small area of land for setting it up. It can as well be used as a sleeping bag’s slipcover. In such a case, it insulates the bag, and in the process, an increased comfort zone and a waterproof buffer are created. This 2-person bivy sack has dimensions of 5.5 by 2.5 by 6 inches when packed.

    Top Features

    • Made of a breathable, tear-resistant polyethylene Sympatex Reflexion material
    • It is 100% waterproof and 90% heat reflective
    • The edges are sealed seam
    • Its overall size is 60” by 84.”
    • A full pack weighs 4.3 ounces



    • Easy and quick to setup
    • Lightweight
    • Takes less amount of space
    • Breathable
    • Roomy
    • Warm and comfortable
    • A bit smaller in size
    • The heavy side is a tad
    Check Price and Rating on

    2. Abco Tech Bivy Sack


    best bivy sack

    Abco Tech bivy sack is a very rare kind of camping gear that promises you all the comfort you will need. It balances on weight, comfort, durability and weather resistance extremely well. It is also very portable, and this will allow you to carry it to whichever campground you want to visit.

    It is generously sized to create a large space for maximum comfort. This has however not been done at the expense of the weight. It is accompanied with a carry bag that is generally a compression sack designed with straps to make it easier to transport.

    After a long day of hiking, trekking and traveling, there is no other way you can sum it up without finding rest in a comfortable bivy sack like this one. Apart from the comfort, you will enjoy maximum freedom and warmth.

    These sacks are easy to clean up. And to make them even more convenient, they can be used in any kind of weather. The material used on the inner side is skin-friendly while the one on the outer side ensures its durability.

    The manufacturer offers 100% risk-free guarantee on satisfaction. There is no other way your confidence could have been boosted if not through this guarantee. I love guaranteed products since they can always be replaced in case of defects.

    Top Features

    • Its temperature rating of 20oF is ideal for any extreme weather
    • Designed with a double fill technology that features 100% polyester lining on the inner side and 210T
    • Polyester on the outside
    • It has precisely done stitches for advanced durability
    • Are safe for machine wash and dries quickly
    • Barrel-shaped design makes it wider at the shoulders but narrower at the legs
    • Weighs 4.19 pounds
    • Its dimensions are 7 by 13 by 8 inches when packed down
    • Are non-allergic
    • Zipper weather-stripping design



    • Compact and lightweight
    • Easy to set up and roll up
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Large in size
    • Easy to clean up
    • Durable
    • plus-circleSafe for the skin
    • Cannot be zipped on the upper side since its narrow
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    3. SE EB122OR Bivy Sack


    best bivy sack

    Here is another great bivy sack that you can tag along for your overnight camping trips. This sack is capable of retaining your body heat perfectly well in the cold campsites. It is also capable of providing protection in any kind of weather conditions.

    The bag is a very versatile one and can be used as a rain shield for your other camping gear, reflective warmer and ground cover. It is really lightweight and will not be a burden as you get your way to your favorite spot. And the manufacturer even considered it wise to include a carrying bag with a drawstring for easy transportation.

    This bag will even keep you safe from bugs. Remember you might find yourself sleeping under a tree that is home to these parasites. And I can assure you that these creatures are not what you would like to be any closer to you.

    Top Features

    • High-visibility in color
    • It weighs 5.8 oz. making it compact and lightweight
    • Its dimensions are 3 by 7 feet
    • The interior material is a heavy-duty aluminized PE that is capable of reflecting 95% of body heat



    • Well-made
    • Lightweight and compact size
    • Tear-resistant
    • Raises the temperature when it’s cold making it comfortable
    • The accompanying carrying bag makes it more convenient
    • Inexpensive
    • Not long-lasting
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    4. TACT Bivy Sack


    best bivy sack

    TACT bivy sack is another good one from Survival Frog. It is made of bright colors to make it easier for rescuers to locate you in case of any problem while camping. Do not mistake its thinness and lightweight to mean that it cannot last long. It is very much durable while at the same time very portable.

    It doesn’t require much from you. Just unpack it from the sack and slide through. This sack is very small when packed down. It will actually take up just a small fraction of your backpack. This makes it ideal to be used during your camping expeditions because no one wants a single camping gear that will occupy much space on the backpack.

    What’s more, it comes with a 6 months refund guarantee for any reason that comes up. You can either choose to use this sack by itself or use it as a liner to keep you fast asleep. Its tapered seams make it somehow weather resistant, and you can, therefore, use it without worrying about weather-related issues.

    Top Features

    • Weighs only 4.8 ounces as a result of the polyester film used to make it
    • Designed with bright colors that are easily recognizable from afar
    • The HeatEcho material used in the interior section reflects up to 90% of the heat released by the body
    • Has a temperature rating of 20°F
    • Designed with taped seams that are reinforced to make it weather-resistant
    • It has a 6 months refund guarantee



    • Keeps the temperature warm and comfortable
    • Compact and small in size
    • Well-packaged
    • High-quality product
    • Fast delivery
    • The bright colors give it a nice look
    • Not well breathable and vapor is trapped on the inner side
    • minus-circleThe material used in its production is not flexible
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    5. Military Outdoor Clothing (M.O.C) Bivy Sack


    best bivy sack

    Here is the Genuine U.S military-issue Gore-Tex bivy sack from the M.O.C. It color camouflages well with the surrounding vegetation that nobody will even realize that you are enjoying some sleep there. This will even work towards enhancing your safety.

    The sack is windproof as well as waterproof. It was actually designed for use by the U.S military in their line of duty. You can decide to use it by itself or as a cover to your modular sleeping bag. It is a great consideration for your hunting, backpacking, hiking, and camping amongst other outdoor adventurous activities.

    When it comes to matters of storing it, you can roll this bivy sack down to around 12 by 0.5 by 14 inches to make storing it easy. What’s more, it also has a woodland camo snap storm flap and zipper which makes it easy to open and close. It also weighs just about 2 pounds which somehow makes it ideal for backpacking as well.

    Top Features

    • Designed with a Woodland Camo pattern
    • Woodland Camo snap storm flap and zipper
    • Is windproof and waterproof
    • Measures 80 by 30 inches
    • Can be rolled down to measure 12 by 0.5 by 14 inches for easy storage
    • Weighs approximately 2 pounds



    • No undesirable odors
    • High-quality bivy sack
    • Quick delivery
    • Well packaged
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • A bit costly
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    The best bivy sack is what you have been missing when going out for an overnight adventure. The comfort that it brings about is what will make the difference for you. After all, it doesn’t require much effort, space and is lightweight. Why then should it miss in your backpack?

    The TACT Bivy Sack is the best bivy sack amongst the five reviewed products, and I would like to recommend it to you. It is lightweight and very much affordable. It is also designed with very bright colors for easy identification by rescuers.

    You never know what might happen to you while sleeping in it. It is incredibly long-lasting and will serve you in any weather. It rolls down to a smaller size that is easy to store and transport. It also has a 6 months refund guarantee for any complaints presented.

    These are just a sample of the many benefits you are likely to enjoy when you use this product. What could you be still waiting for? Grab yourself this bivy sack and take your camping to a whole new level.Have you ever used a bivy sack? What was your experience? Did you love any of the best bivy sacks that we just reviewed?

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