The Best 6 Person Tent for your Camping Expeditions this year

best 6 person tent reviews

The best 6 person tent is the perfect backpack item for a 6-person camping group. The days of squeezing yourselves into a small tent and feeling less comfy are long gone. It is large enough to ensure everyone has enough leg room while still providing the much-needed warmth.

The Best 6 Person Tent ReviewsHow to choose the best 6 Person Tent1. Comfort2. Ventilation3. Weather Resistance4. Ease of setting up5. Durability and weightBest 6 Person Tent Reviews1. Outdoor 6 Person Instant Dome Tent2. Coleman 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent3. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Person Tent4. NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person5. CORE Instant 11′ x 9′ 6 Person Cabin TentWrapping up

How to choose the best 6 Person Tent

When it comes to sharing a tent with up to 5 other people, it could be family or friends; you need so much for everyone. For family members, the kids could have grown taller than last summer, and your current tent does not guarantee you enough space for everyone to roll about at night.

This means it is time for an upgrade. A 6 Person tent is just what you need. Requiring it is one thing, buying one is another task altogether. You will have to choose among several options. But how do you qualify one and disqualify the other? Here are some of the features that you could look for when making this camping saving decision.

1. Comfort

The ultimate goal of camping is to have fun and more fun. A large enough tent will guarantee you a stress-free family bonding exercise. When with friends, it is the perfect time to do some catching up over a beer or something worthwhile.

Comfort means different things to different people. A rough definition would be the livability of the tent itself. A group of tall people will not have any peace at night in a short height tent. For family members, space means everything.

For better coexistence, you may consider tents with separate rooms and tent height that suits everyone. More storage space could also be a good idea so that you do not have everything crowded in the same room as you.

best 6 person tent

Before buying the tent, try to visualize how each member would fit in within the available space. Consider the loner who wants the corner, the talkative one who would prefer the middle of the room or the cheeky one you do not need too close to you. The floor space of the tent will be a critical aspect to look at.

2. Ventilation

Have you ever spent a night with five other people in a crowded space? If yes, then you know how important ventilation is in such a scenario. With this huge number of people, the warm air generated as everyone breathes in their sleep plus the warm night can be very unbearable.

Everybody will be desperate for fresh air at some point. Ventilation is an absolute necessity even during the day in hot weather when the tent potentially becomes a greenhouse of sorts. The appropriate ventilation could be achieved in two ways:

  • High ceiling, mesh doors and windows: For a tent this much crowded, you will need the optimal mesh amounts available. Meshed doors and panels will help keep temperatures down at night more so in high temperate camping spots. A high ceiling also prevents faster accumulation of hot air within the tent.
  • Look for tents that you can “stand in upright” while changing. It provides better ventilation. The amounts of mesh available could be a liability in rainy or cold weather though. First, consider how hot or cold the camping place is before having more or less of mesh.

3. Weather Resistance

One of your reasons for upgrading to a larger tent is to have a very weather worthy tent. Some people would think that being able to keep the rain out would define the weather-worthiness of a tent. How false is that?

Campers do not deal with only rain as they camp. Scorching heat, hail storms, blowing sand/dust and even winds are the sorts of weather conditions that campers will have to deal with at some point.

best 6 person tent

The materials used to make the poles, waterproofing factors of the fabrics used, how tight the seams are, robust designs and full-coverage rain flies will be able to provide you a pretty comfy night with your buddies.

How well your tent handles the weather will also depend on how properly you stake down the tent. It is good to follow manufacturer’s guidelines when fixing the tent to the ground.

4. Ease of setting up

In a group of 6 people, there is bound to arise arguments when setting up a tent late at night after an exhausting trek or rock climbing. This could be compounded by the difficulty in setting up the tent. A tent which is too complex to pitch can make tempers flare when you are getting it wrong.

You probably want a tent that will be able to house six people, be weather resistant, comfortable, properly vented and easy to set up. Do not compromise on any of these features for ease of set up though. Either way, you need to finish pitching and chill as you have a great time.

5. Durability and weight


You need to decide on how long and how frequently you will be using the tent. For more frequent campers, you need a tent that will last you a long time than once in a while campers. High-quality materials, proper design, and top-notch manufacturing properties are therefore very important to be considered.

The 6-person tent you want to buy should be easy to pack and carry. A 6-person tent will be considered heavy, but it should be manageable for the few yards that you will have to carry it.

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews

1. Outdoor 6 Person Instant Dome Tent


Outdoor Products 6 Person Instant Dome Tent Review

This 6-Person Tent is designed to employ the simplicity that a dome shape gives you and an instant technology to make setting it up relatively easy. The revolutionary design requires such an assembly since the tent has been attached to the poles. It only requires you to unfold it and extend.

The oversized ground vents fitted on the tent give excellent ventilation just as you need. During cooler nights, you can close these vents for a warmer night. When you have this number of people in a tent, it is important to keep your gear off the floor for more space.

A hanging gear loft for keeping your stuff organized and off the ground is provided. Organizational pockets, electrical port access and a center hook for hanging off your items such as lanterns are provided.

The integration of factory sealed taper seams and a rainfly achieves weatherproofing. Rain and any inclement weather shouldn’t be a bother. By the inclusion of 2 mesh windows, ventilation in the harsh temperatures is guaranteed.

The tent is made from 68 denier 190T PU for durability over the camping seasons. A 125 GMS PE sheet is used to make the floor. With this tent, you and your buddies get 10ft x 9ft of floor area, a center height of 6ft and a manageable weight of 17 pounds. The whole set up measures 10ft x 9ft x 72ft.



  • checkDurable fabrics used
  • checkDecent floor space
  • checkEasy to set up
  • checkAdequately ventilated
  • checkWeather resistant
  • Slightly heavy
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2. Coleman 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent


Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent Review

This instant tent is made with a WeatherTec system that will keep you dry during rain and hailstorms. If you are seriously on the hunt for a tent that is easy to set up, then this could be a favorable option. On average, it takes about a minute to set it up and take down.

A fully taped design eliminates the need for a separate rain fly. Another feature worth considering is the spacious interior. A floor space of 10ft x 9ft should be enough for you and your five friends or family. The 6ft center height provides enough room to stand in or move about.

By pre-attaching the poles of the tent, set up and take down time is greatly reduced. You and your campmates should get comfy with the two queen sized beds that can fit inside. The 150D fabric used to make this tent is almost twice as thick as the regular tent fabrics. This should last you a long while.



  • checkRoomy
  • checkA minute set up and take down time
  • checkKeeps dry throughout
  • checkNon-stick zippers
  • There are instances of leakages
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3. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Person Tent


Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent Review

The Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Person Tent features a unique design that allows it to afford you more usable room. The multi-diameter pole design incorporated enables the tent walls to remain deep and then aggressively arch at the top of the tent. A resultant larger livable space is thus generated with this design.

The design also incorporates two vestibules of equal sizes that flank each other. This design eases exit and entry to the tent, which is a plus when you have 6 people cramped up inside. This unique design also provides plenty of storage for all your gear.

A waterproof rainfly helps keep out the rain in case it rains when you are out camping. The meshed wall panels provide adequate ventilation when the temperatures go off the charts. Taped seams on the floor panel work to keep moisture from seeping in from the ground into the tent.

To ensure all your stuff is not on the floor, internal storage pockets have been fitted on the wall panels. Noiseless zippers eliminate the funny sounds they make when you close or open the zippers. This is crucial when you have a playful member of the camping squad.

With a 3-season rating, this could be a tent worth the price if you are looking for something for the long run. The tent affords you 80 square feet of floor space for all your indoor activities. A vestibule of 22 square feet each avails you adequate space. The four aluminum poles provide the tent with adequate strength.



  • checkLarge floor space
  • checkDurable
  • checkExtra vestibule for storage
  • checkEasy to set up
  • checkWaterproof
  • checkHigh ceiling for the tall ones
  • Expensive
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4. NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person


NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Review

The NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Tent is a great option for all family members and a considerable number of friends. It is designed to be easy and faster to assemble. The tent features a spacious and comfortable floor size measuring 9.8ft x 9.8ft x 9.8ft. You also get a center height of 5.9ft to make living inside this tent more comfortable.

A double layered full coverage rainfly is made from 100% waterproof, 190T polyurethane laminated Polyester. This rainfly has a 2500mm of water rating and provides the tent with a full coverage. The thermoplastic coating provides adequate UV protection.

The single D shaped door has a mesh to keep out the annoying mosquitoes. A utility pocket and a gear loft can be used for storage purposes. For strength to withstand the various weather elements, thick Nano-flex frames are used in the construction. These are then connected to the pin and ring set up of the system for a quick set up.



  • checkAnti-fungus floor material
  • checkBreathable micro mosquito net
  • checkSturdy construction
  • checkLarge floor area
  • checkFull fly coverage
  • check100% waterproof
  • checkCheap
  • check3 seasons
  • Only one door is available
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5. CORE Instant 11′ x 9′ 6 Person Cabin Tent


CORE Instant Cabin Tent Review

The core instant tent gets you covered for all your 6-person tent needs. It features an H2O Block Technology which consists of water-repellent fabrics, sealed seams, a fully taped rainfly and water-resistant door and window seals. It keeps you dry even in heavy storms.

The pre-assembled frame allows you to set it up in a breeze. It takes approximately 1 minute to accomplish the task. The advanced venting featured in this tent consists of adjustable intake vents to let in cool air and a mesh ceiling to let the hot air escape.

With a floor plan of 11ft x 9ft, there is plenty of space for all the members and their luggage. Lots of windows, roof vents and adjustable ground vents provide adequate cross ventilation. Numerous storage pockets and a gear loft ensure all your belongings are off the ground.

A D-shaped door allows for easy entry and exit while the tough floor fabric handles the high traffic inside the tent. Two queen sized air mattresses can comfortably fit inside for everybody to enjoy some good night sleep. A center height of 72 inches should be enough for even the tallest in your campsite to operate freely.



  • checkExcellent ventilation
  • checkStorage pockets and gear lofts are provided
  • checkWaterproof
  • checkQuick to set up
  • checkTough polyethylene floor
  • checkHigh quality
  • Material tends to tear easily
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Wrapping up

Having some time off your hectic city life and spending it with your family and friends in the countryside is the perfect definition of a good time. Accommodating your group of 6 people should not be a problem when you have the best 6 Person Tent.

Just any ordinary tent will not do it for you out there in the wild. The issue of the tent getting waterlogged when it rains or becoming a furnace when it is hot is surely just not what you may be willing to sign up for. These best tents will give you all the comforts you need.

The top pick in this review is the NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Tent. This tent is easy to assemble, has a spacious D-shaped door and weighs just 15 pounds. A floor area with a tough polyethylene fabric is sturdy enough to handle the high traffic inside.

A double layer full tent coverage tent fly is waterproof and fire retardant and keeps the rain where it should be: Outside. Breathable micro mesh keeps the mosquitoes at bay as you sleep. To ensure you do not wake in a pool of water, the floor material has a bathtub like construction barrier and is coated with a heavy duty anti fungus material.

All these features ensure that you are comfortable, well ventilated, free from the weather elements and you can quickly set up the tent.

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