Arapaho Bay Campground: The Place to be this Holiday

Arapaho Bay Campground

Once in a while, you need to find time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is good for the soul. Nature has been our best hope of relaxing our minds for quite a long time. I do not think there is going to be a perfect replacement any sooner. You, therefore, need a cool and quality destination to relax and calm your mind.

Arapaho Bay Campground in Colorado is one such place that you can visit this holiday season. There is nothing you cannot do at Arapaho Bay, that I can assure you. Every camper has something to do. Numerous outdoor activities are available in this area.

For solo campers, families and couples alike, this is an opportunity to have direct contact with nature. The beauty that the Colorado forests offer is one of a kind. Not to mention the cozy amenities and the gorgeous lake. What else are you looking for as a way of rejuvenation if not these?

You need to arm yourself fully for this place. You need to know the kind of activities offered, the weather pattern, what is allowed and what is not allowed among other things. All these are aimed at helping you plan so that you can enjoy your trip to this place.

Here is basically all you need to have at the back of your mind as you plan to visit Arapaho Bay.

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Directions to Arapaho Bay Campground

Arapaho Bay Campground is found in Lake Granby which is in North-Central Colorado. It is to the Southeast of Grand Lake. It is one of the five campgrounds in the Arapaho National Recreation Area which is barely six miles northwest to the City of Granby on Highway 34.

Pine trees mostly surround the area. This makes it ideal for the nature lovers. The Indian Peaks Wilderness Area is also within close proximity from the Arapaho Bay Campground. You can also access the campground using County Road 6.

A three-hour drive and less is enough to get you to this beautiful place from the busy town of Denver, Colorado. Its accessibility makes it a perfect place for even weekend outings as you wait for a proper vacation. The Arapaho Bay Campground has three hiking loops which are Roaring Fork, Big Rock and Moraine.

All these places are accessible to all campers. The fact that it is also the closest campground to Rocky Mountain National Park; which is one of the most treasured and biggest sites make it a perfect destination for many. The campground is at an elevation of 8,300 feet.

Camping activities at Arapaho Bay Campground

This place is home to many outdoor activities. Many of these activities revolve around the beautiful Lake Granby. The Rocky Mountains and the marvelous pine forests that are found in this area make the campground ideal for hikers.

Additionally, there are fishing, sailing, boating and swimming activities. Biking, animal watching, hunting plus many more activities are available. Finding a campground that meets everybody’s needs as the Arapaho Bay does is not that easy.

Here are the activities discussed in depth. They are divided into land and water activities.

Land-based Activities

People have different tastes when it comes to camping activities. There are those who like land-based activities while others prefer water-based activities. The good thing is that both of these are found within the Arapaho Bay Campground. The choice is, therefore, yours to make.

Let’s start by looking at the land-based activities at Arapaho Bay Campground.

  • Hiking

As earlier mentioned, the Arapaho Bay Campground has three high-quality hiking loops that any hiker can ever find. They are the Moraine, Roaring Fork and Big Rock. All these loops pass through the pine forests with navigations around the Rocky Mountains.

The forests are dense but safe of course. You can imagine the freshness and beauty that is accompanied by this. This is a breath-taking experience that you cannot afford to miss. Every member of the family has the opportunity to hike.


The hikes are of different ranges; some being so easy, some moderate and even the difficult ones for the professional hikers as well. If you plan to have a hike with every member of your family; the young and the old alike, think no further from the Arapaho Bay Campground.

  • Biking

Do you want to explore the campground while at the same time exercising? Biking is one perfect way of burning those calories that you have accumulated during those busy schedules when getting to the gym has been a hell of a problem.

Arapaho Bay Campground is bike friendly. There are both long and short trails around the campground, wilderness reserves and the lake where you can enjoy this important outdoor activity. Personally, I like biking. The relief that I usually get after a good ride is a great one.


If you want to experience a more difficult biking around the mountain, then consider the hiking trails. It is much allowed here; only that you need to consider the needs of others. You are not using the routes on your own.

  • Hunting

Who allows hunting in a National recreational area? I know that is the question running through your mind at the mention of this activity. Can you imagine it is allowed at the Arapaho Bay Campground?

Not on a daily basis though. The activity is only allowed during the hunting seasons as per the timelines. It is during such seasons that you can move through the national reserve and forests that surround this campground for animals such as deer.

Why don’t you carry your hunting gear with you as you visit? You never know; you might find that it is actually a hunting season. I believe you wouldn’t like not to be part of this hilarious and exciting adventure.

There is no single day you will get bored so long as you are at the Arapaho Bay Campground. Have those camouflaging gears with you; otherwise, the game animals will be able to notice you from far. The beauty of this activity is getting to at least kill an animal.

  • Wildlife watching


Watching of birds and land animals is another activity you can engage in while in this Campground. There is a wide variety of unique and adorable animals that can be watched. Note that these animals are friendly and there is nothing to be worried about in their presence.

The nearby Monarch Lake and Indian Peaks Wilderness Reserve is another place that you can enjoy wildlife watching. The forests around are home to bears, deer and birds. Learning about how these animals behave is another adventurous part of camping in the Arapaho Bay Campground.

Water-based Activities

Are you enthusiastic about water-based activities? Your needs are well taken care of at the Arapaho Bay Campground. Some of the activities are:

  • Swimming

On a hot day, especially in the summer, you can jump into the blue waters of the Lake Granby. There are also smaller lakes and streams that surround this place where you can enjoy the cooling waters.

Lounging on the shores of these lakes, soaking up the sun as well as relaxing during the afternoon are all possibilities within this campground.

  • Boating/Canoeing

Lake Granby is good for canoeing, also known as kayaking or boating. All you need is a boat, canoe or kayak. These can be rented to you at the site or better still; you can bring yours along. If you want to explore these blue waters, then I would prefer you carry your own stuff.


You might get all the tools already rented. It is an activity that has so many people looking forward to participating in. The rivers and streams connecting to the lake also offer good whitewater kayaking and whitewater rafting opportunities.

All these rivers have their waters originate from the Rocky Mountains. What a scene that is? You cannot miss on this when you think of visiting the Arapaho Bay Campground.

  • Fishing


Do you like fishing? Are you a fan of the salmon fish? Lake Granby is, therefore, the place to be. Do not forget that it is part of the Arapaho Bay Campground. Nearby lakes and streams are also home to different species of fish.

An afternoon fishing at the lake is one cool activity. Enjoy a wide variety of catch using your fishing pole.

Amenities available at the Arapaho Bay Campground

The Arapaho Bay Campground boasts of 84 campsites. These campsites are however non-electric meaning that you can have your RVs with you. The RVs, vehicles and trailers that you come with must fit on to the provided parking spots.


Off-road driving, as well as parking, is not allowed. Every camper is at liberty to set up their own tents. This is in line with the need to protect the campground.

The charges are $21 a single night at any of the campsites. It is a fair enough price given the wide range of activities that you can enjoy in this area. Some of the services that you can enjoy are free drinking water, weekly trash service and bathrooms that have showers.

You get to use your money to the last bit. Every campsite has its own picnic table, fire grate and tent pad. Your comfort and enjoyment are well prioritized during your entire camping experience.

The campground also has boat ramp from where you can launch your canoes, motor boats, kayaks and rowboats into the lake (Lake Granby).

Is Group Camping allowed in Arapaho Bay?

Group camping is very much allowed. Every campsite in the campground holds a maximum of eight people. If you are more than that number, then there are double sites available but at an extra charge. These double sites hold a large number of people.

Tents can be used in the campsite. However, take note that it must fit on to the pad that has been included in the campsite. You have to consider this before choosing the tent to bring along.

Are pets allowed?

Arapaho Bay Campground

Pets are allowed at the Arapaho Bay Campground. You, therefore, do not have to hire somebody to take care of your pet while you are away. Let your little friends also enjoy the beauty of such nice places.

All you need to do is have them on a handheld leash at any given time. You have to abide by the pet regulations that have been put in place for use in the campground.

What you need to know before going to Arapaho Bay Campground

  • checkUtility hookups are unavailable
  • checkNo water connections to the RVs
  • checkBoat inspection is done
  • checkKeep the campsite clean and do not place food in your tents as they might attract bears
  • checkSite-swapping isn’t allowed
  • checkTickets are obtained during reservation season but can also be obtained based on a first-come, first-served basis outside such periods

Nearby attraction sites

  • Strawberry lake
  • checkMcDonald Cove
  • checkMonarch Lake
  • checkPete’s Cove


Arapaho Bay Campground is the place to consider for a weekend out or a long vacation. The numerous activities available plus its affordability are some of the things that make it irresistible to me. You can try it out as well.

Arapaho Bay Campground

Do not forget to carry along all that you will need during the camping period. Above all, remember to abide by the set rules of the campground. These are the simple but most important components of a good outdoor activity.

Have you ever been to this amazing place? In case you have, how can you describe it? Share your experience with us. If it is your first time, then all I can wish you is good luck and lots of fun!

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