Outdoor is a mere job for some, but for others it is a passion. If you find yourself scrounging for time to go away for camping, hiking …, you are probably in the right place. This blog HiOutside.com has been created to let the love of outdoor unite anyone and everyone who loves this sport and has a true passion for it, yet want to learn more about it or contribute to our and everyone else’s knowledge of outdoor.

About HiOutside

There are certain specific areas we hope to tackle through this blog and hope to increase both our knowledge on the matter as well as the reader’s. The starters section will deal with all things regarding outdoor that a beginner needs to know. Whether its questions about the kind of equipment to buy, the right season and places to camp, hike in, the basic techniques when starting hike, camp. All topics will be covered so no query goes unanswered.

Next we deal with different product reviews that help you make informed decisions about the equipment that you should buy, and which you should simply stay away from as well as keeping your money safe from. With so many products saturating the market, it can get a bit confusing even for expert outdoorsmen to decide which product is ideal. So, whether you are an expert or a novice, these reviews intend to help you make an informed decision.

Once you have your equipment picked out, you need some form of information or tutorials on how to use or set them up. We guide you through step by step instructions on how to install and use such equipment, through both blog posts and supplementary videos that give you a better hang of things.

All in all, this blog is your one stop shop for everything outdoor related. Whether you want to know the latest news in the world of camping, hiking, … or you are just getting into and you want to learn the basics; we’ve got it all and continue to actively add more as new products launch into the market and as the latest news hits the shores. Stay tuned to this spot to stay updated about all things outdoor!

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